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10 Characters Who Left The Show Too Soon

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has many great characters. But, unfortunately, some of the characters left the show far too early. Their departures usually happen because of changes in the plot or because of a decision made by the actor.

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Some characters who have left the show were main cast members, like Gina. However, other characters had guest-starring roles and left after a few episodes. But, despite the short time they were on the show, they left a lasting impression and deserved more screen time.

10 Seth Dozerman

Captain Dozerman yells at the 99.

Bill Hader makes a hilarious celebrity appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Seth Dozerman, the new captain of the 99th precinct after Holt’s promotion to public relations. First, he tells them that his motto is “efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.” Then, as he yells about how hard they need to work, he has a heart attack.

Dozerman only appears in the first episode of season three, dying from another heart attack. However, fans wish that the character would’ve stuck around longer. Bill Hader’s comedic style fits in perfectly with the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

9 Debbie Fogle

Vanessa Bayer in a police uniform in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Debbie Fogle, played by Vanessa Bayer, appears in season seven as an NYPD officer partnered up with Holt. She enjoys menial tasks and fears responsibility. Unfortunately, Debbie only stars in three episodes, getting arrested for stealing cocaine and machine guns from evidence.

Audiences like her upbeat attitude and find her backstory, which includes joining the force to find her twin sister’s murderer, to be entertaining. While Debbie isn’t expected to rejoin the cast, viewers hope she pops in at least once next season.

8 Gina Linetti

Gina and Jake wearing sunglasses and formal wear.

Out of all the characters, none are as eccentric and entertaining as Gina. She acts as the 99’s civilian administrator and is part of a political dance troupe. However, Gina’s destined for bigger things. In the season six episode “Four Movements,” Gina bids everyone farewell in one of the most heartwarming scenes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Gina’s departure saddened many viewers. But, her exit was a mutual decision between the showrunners and Chelsea Peretti. Still, fans can’t help but wish Gina never left.

7 Caleb John Gosche

Caleb talking to Jake in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

After Jake is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, he meets his cellmate Caleb, who seems kind but is actually a cannibal. Despite his murderous appetite, Caleb (played by Tim Meadows) was a hilarious addition to season five and should’ve appeared in more episodes.

Caleb is helpful to Jake, helping him find Romero’s meth, and he takes a stab in the stomach for Jake. Caleb does appear one more time in season six. However, he hasn’t returned to the series since and is missed.

6 Stevie “Chillin” Schillens

Jake and Stevie side by side in Brooklyn Nine Nine.

In the Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl crossover, the New Girl character Coach reunites with his old roommates in New York. Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine may recognize Coach, as the actor Damon Wayans Jr. also appears as Stevie “Chilin” Schillens in season three.

Stevie is Jake’s old beat cop partner. They do a lot of singalongs, which makes Charles extremely jealous. But, the three end the episode on good terms, despite having to arrest Stevie. Fans would love to see the three sing more songs together.

5 Boone

Patton Oswalt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Boone.

In season one, there’s a heated rivalry between the police and the fire department. This is obvious when Jake and Charles run into the fire marshall Boone (Patton Oswalt) on a case. Their confrontation leads to a brawl between the NYPD and the FDNY.

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The rivalry between the FDNY and the NYPD is hilarious. But, the competition between them is dropped after the first season. Audiences don’t understand why Boone left the series and wish that the rivalry between him and the 99 would return.

4 Alicia

Alicia and Rosa walking together, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In “Jake & Amy,” which was a big episode for Jake and Amy’s relationship, Rosa calls the Uber driver Alicia. The two immediately hit it off, and Alicia helps find Amy’s wedding veil. Rosa and Alicia date, but when Alicia moves to London, they break up.

Fans loved the couple’s dynamic and were disappointed that Gina Rodriguez’s character only starred in two episodes. It would have been interesting to see more of Rosa’s relationship with Alicia, as the characters have great chemistry.

3 Sophia Perez

Sophia hooking up with Jake on Brooklyn Nine Nine.

One of Jake’s exes is Sophia Perez, played by Eva Longoria. Sophia’s a defense attorney who tries to get Jake’s perp out of jail. Despite their jobs putting them against each other, they share similarities, including their love of Die Hard.

But, they break up, as Sophia believes that Jake still has feelings for Amy, so unfortunately Sophia’s time in the series is cut short. Her role in the justice system could have played a more significant part in the show than it did.

2 Eleanor Horstweil

Kathryn Hahn guest starring in Brooklyn Nine Nine

Kathryn Hahn plays one of her many great characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She appears as Boyle’s ex-wife, Eleanor Horstweil, who is mentioned on the series multiple times but only shows up in “Hostage Situation.”

Eleanor is very manipulative, and she even goes as far as stealing Charles’s sperm to prevent him from having another child. Her mad antics, paired with Hahn’s impressive acting chops, are entertaining. Viewers can’t help but think that Eleanor would’ve been amazing as a recurring character.

1 Sharon Jeffords

Sharon Jeffords goes into labor.

Lieutenant Terry Jeffords’s family is a big part of his character. His love for his daughters and wife Sharon makes him fearful of being in the field. Sharon (played by Merrin Dungey) has a guest-starring role in seasons one and two and is a recurring character in season three. But, she left the series and hasn’t shown up again.

Because most of the show is set in the precinct, it was nice to see Terry’s home life. Sharon adds a refreshing element to the series, and the fans miss her.

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