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15 Best Clone Commanders From The Clone Wars

The clones from Star Wars were some of the best characters in the universe as they battled the Separatist army. Whether on the ground or in space, these fierce warriors always got the job done. The Clone Wars animated series took them a step further, adding life and color, with many having unique attitudes and characteristics. They helped the Star Wars TV shows to debatably even surpass the Skywalker Saga.

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Looking specifically at all the Clone commanders, these guys not only sported some of the coolest armor designs but endured the worst of the Clone Wars, fighting in countless battles and losing hundreds of soldiers.

Updated on June 30th, 2021 by Rhys McGinley: Undoubtedly, one of the biggest achievements of The Clone Wars, and one of the best things to come out of any Star Wars TV show is the development of the coolest clone troopers. Going from nameless, single-faced, non-unique soldiers to characters with emotions, opinions, and character arcs, the clones are fantastic, and there are many brilliant commanders shown throughout the series. From those who simply look totally badass to those that have a significant role in different arcs and episodes, there are a couple of dozen great clone commanders who fight alongside Jedi Generals, clone Captains, and shinies in the fight against the Separatists.

15 Commander Rex

Captain Rex in Star Wars The Clone Wars season 7

Rex is without a doubt the most prominent and important clone in The Clone Wars and its story, but for pretty much his whole life, he is Captain Rex. Then, for a brief time in season 7, he becomes Commander.

When the 501st is split, and the 332nd Company is formed to assist Ahsoka Tano and the Mandalorians during the Siege of Mandalore, Rex becomes Commander. As usual, he is phenomenal in the role. He does, however, leave the role following his chip removal as he and Ahsoka fight off Jesse and the rest of the 332nd.

14 Commander Blackout

Commander Blackout Anakin Skywalker and Wulf Yularen talk to Obi-Wan via hologram about delivering resources to Christophsis in The Clone Wars

Commander Blackout only appeared in one episode of The Clone Wars, but like so many of the various clone trooper variants, he stands out, especially with his excellent armor, even in such a small role.

Seen aiding Anakin and Wulf Yularen in delivering supplies to Christophsis, Blackout is a Special Ops Commander. In the episode, he takes Spark under his wing and inducts him into his crew after helping taking out Trench’s ship. With badass all-black with red patterns armor, Blackout looks incredibly cool. This is even more true because he has Jaig Eye decorations, a combat honor that decorates armor/helmets on distinguished clones and soldiers.

13 Commanders Havoc, Colt, & Blitz

Commander Havoc talks to two shinies in Star Wars The Clone Wars on Kamino

Commander Havoc, Blitz, and Colt of Rancor Battalion were three ARC Commanders stationed on Kamino to oversee the training of the clone troopers, all three of whom fought at the Battle of Kamino.

Colt and Havoc both died in the battle, with Blitz and an unnamed ARC Trooper surviving, and their deaths were pretty affecting to those emotionally invested in the clones. As ARC Troopers, the three of them look like badasses, and with their DC weapons and reputation for being incredible soldiers, these three troopers stand out in their two episodes.

12 Commander Ponds

Commander Ponds in battle during Star Wars The Clone Wars

Serving under Mace Windu, Commander Ponds specialized in military reconnaissance and even arranged the special commando units at the Battle of Geonosis. In fact, Ponds made his big-screen debut in Attack of the Clones at the battle of Geonosis. Though unidentified at the time, Ponds was the trooper with a hue of yellow on his armor to indicate his status as a commander.

Ponds was one of the most selfless commanders, opting to stay aboard the cruiser Endurance before its inevitable demise. He met his unfortunate demise in Slave I, executed by Aura Sing.

11 Commander Appo

Commander Appo tells Bail Organa to leave in Revenge of the Sith during Order 66

Promoted from Sergeant to Commander within the 501st Legion, Commander Appo is a clone trooper prominent throughout the beloved Umbara arc.

He is a perfect example of a clone who struggled to overcome the idea that following orders was not always the best course of action. He was loyal to and unquestioned Pong Krell until he revealed himself as a traitor to the Republic. Appo can also be seen in Revenge of the Sith telling Bail Organa to leave the Jedi Temple before being struck down by Padawan Zett Jukassa, all while donning the iconic and beautiful 501st Legion armor.

10 Commander Grey

His helmet says it all; Commander Grey was one of the many high-ranking troopers to turn on their Jedi generals during Order 66. However, Grey’s story is one of redemption as he ensured no more Jedi would die at his hand.

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After killing his Jedi General, Depa Billaba, he continued to hunt for her padawan. Grey eventually found her apprentice, Caleb Dume, but had realized the corruption behind the Republic and sacrificed himself to ensure the young padawans escape.

9 Commander Gree

The green-colored Commander Gree was the clone commander assigned to the legend Grandmaster Yoda, who foolishly attempted to kill him during Order 66. Gree was all about loyalty and honorably turned down a tempting offer from Nute Gunray’s bribe without hesitancy.

He abided by the clone code and was the best soldier a general could ask for, obeying commands without delay. However, his duty was the death of him as he failed to realize the wrongdoing in Order 66. Why would you try to and turn against the greatest Jedi in the galaxy?

8 Commander Fox

A member of the Shock Trooper squad, Fox, was a member of the Coruscant guard tasked with protecting Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Fox’s job was one of the most important, which earned him the label as one of the most respected clone troopers in the Republic.

Like commander Gree, Fox was loyal to the bone and had Ahsoka Tano arrested as a suspect in the murder of Letta Turrmond. His sense of duty continued on after Order 66, serving Lord Vader as a Shock Trooper whose street patrols instilled fear into citizens.

7 Commander Davijaan

From birth, many clones are raised and trained with various specialties in mind, with some going on to become extremely skilled pilots. One of the best clone troopers in The Clone Wars being Commander Davijaan.

Also known as Oddball, his callsign, Davijaan pilots a variety of ships throughout the war and was often under the command of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. One thing that makes Oddball so great is the quality of battles he has both participated in and survived, such as the Battle of Umbara, the Battle of Cato Nemoida, and the Battle of Coruscant.

6 Commander Bacara

Clone Trooper CT-1138 is a nod to George Lucas’s THX-1138, a number that makes an appearance in numerous Star Wars movies like New Hope. Unlike most other commanders, Bacara was known for his aggressive battle tactics and malice.

This makes sense considering his actions during Order 66, betraying Ki-Adi-Mundi. However, it doesn’t stop there; Bacara was often considered a loner whose military mind often clashed with Ki-Adi-Mundi’s Jedi way of life.

5 Commander Bly

Talk about a friendship like no other, Commander Bly and Aayla Secura were a dynamic duo during the Clone Wars. The two embarked and emerged successful in their campaigns on Felucia. Prior to this, Bly was an ARC trooper and was one of the first to be made a commander.

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His leadership capabilities made him the perfect candidate for a promotion. His friendship with Aalya Secura came to a bitter end, shooting her in the back on Felucia as a result of Order 66.

4 Commander Thire

The first Clone commander seen in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, Thire worked closely with Master Yoda on an escort mission. Like Commander Fox, Thire’s mind revolved around loyalty as he became a Shock Trooper after the fall of the Republic.

Along with Commander Bly, Thire was originally an ARC Trooper before his promotion to commander. There seems to be a pattern with ARC Troopers becoming commanders.

3 Commander Neyo

Seen in Revenge of the Sith on his speeder during Order 66, Commander Neyo shared similar personality traits to Bacara as a cold-hearted soldier. However, before this, Neyo employed the help of a Droid to join his D-Squad.

This move proved ingenious and successful as the campaigns on Saleucami ended shortly after. However, his cold personality made him an unpopular commander in the Republic but a reliable soldier for the likes of Palpatine.

2 Commander Wolffe

Boasting without a doubt the most stylish armor, Commander Wolffe was one of the most intelligent clone commanders in the Republic’s army. A mind for strategy, Wolffe’s mind was like a never-ending game of chess as he was always one step ahead of his enemy.

His knack for anticipation was praised and valued by both Jedi Commander Plo Koon and his famed Wolfpack Squadron. On top of that, he’s one of the few clones to use a cybernetic eye, having lost his real one to Asajj Ventress.

1 Commander Cody

Cody was one to see it through till the end, making an appearance at almost every major battle in the Clone Wars. His ability to adapt to any situation made him one of the most capable commanders in the army, hence Obi-Wan-Kenobi’s close relationship with him.

Unlike other clones, Cody had the highest rate of similarity to Jango Fett, the bounty hunter who served as the original template of the clone army. He never let Kenobi down, of course, until blasting him and Boga away at Utapau.

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