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2021 Emmys Set Cedric the Entertainer as Host

Cedric the Entertainer will host this year’s Emmys. In an Instagram post, the comedian revealed that he has been selected to host the 73rd Emmy Awards ceremony, ahead of the nominations being revealed tomorrow morning.

The video features Barbershop star opening an envelope from CBS regarding the Emmys, explaining that he had been told “it was supposed to be something special,” joking that they likely want him to plug Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso. That envelope, styled as though it was announcing an Emmy winner, confirmed that Cedric is the host for this year’s Emmys. His initial excitement at the announcement is quickly overwhelmed by riffing on all of the necessary planning, including contacting Tom Ford for clothing and getting in touch with The Rock‘s trainers to get in shape (before immediately lowering his sights to Kevin Hart‘s trainers, so that he can use “little weights.”)


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It’s a solid bit, as his down-to-earth unboxing video spirals into classic Hollywood preening. By the end of the short video, he’s considering Botox and dyeing his beard. Even so, his enthusiasm for the hosting role shines through all of the jokes, breaking through at the end to hype the ceremony. He’s clearly bringing big, goofy energy to the gig.

One of the Original Kings of Comedy, Cedric has a decades-spanning career on television, starting with his first appearance on Showtime at the Apollo in 1978. He’s earned accolades for his recent television work, including CBS’s The Neighborhood, and Disney+’s highly-anticipated revival of The Proud Family, due next year. This marks his first time as host of the Emmy’s, though his video does name-check Jimmy Kimmel, who has hosted three times, including last year’s ceremony, and Jimmy Fallon, who hosted in 2010.

Cedric is undeniably a strong choice as host. His decades of experience as a standup lend him a command over his audience and an ear for good material that will serve him well. Moreover, his recent acting work lends him credibility with television stars that other hosts often lack. His announcement video has more energy and charm than many previous hosts have mustered for the ceremony — if he can bring even an ounce of that earnestness and humor to his turn as host, this should be an Emmys to remember.

The 73rd Emmy Awards will air on CBS on September 19 at 8 PM. Check out Cedric the Entertainer’s Instagram post below:

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