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5 Ways Meredith Is A Good Doctor (& 4 She’s Not)

Every doctor on Grey’s Anatomy has strengths and flaws, and this is particularly true of the main character Meredith Grey. She presented herself as a young intern who had a tough relationship with her parents and who wanted to be the best doctor around. She would stop at nothing and let nothing get in her way (although her relationship with Derek did create some drama in the first season of the show).

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Meredith is a fascinating character as she has experienced a lot of tragedies, which does affect her adult life today, and it also drives her desire to work hard and do well. While there are many moments on Grey’s Anatomy when Meredith is a solid, excellent doctor, there are also times she has made some big mistakes too.

9 Good: She Was Determined To Go Ahead With Her Research

Meredith smiling season 1

In season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith was given a 3D printer, which was a thrilling moment for her. Cristina wanted to use it for her own patient and in the episode ‘Two Against One,’ used it without asking Meredith. This became a huge problem and fans see season 10 as the time when the two best friends experienced a lot of tension.

Although some feel that Meredith could have let Cristina use the printer, there are a few who will defend Meredith since she had fallen behind on her project. Meredith only refused because she was passionate about her research and she had a lot of goals that she wants to accomplish.

8 Not: She Tampered With The Alzheimer’s Trial

Adele grey's

In season 8, Meredith wanted Richard’s wife Adele to be helped by the Alzheimer’s trial at the hospital, so she gave her the drug and not the placebo. This was a massive problem as she broke the rules and it also wasn’t fair to the other patients, who didn’t have the luxury of knowing anyone working at the hospital or dealing with the trial.

This was one of the instances where Meredith let her personal feelings get in the way of her rational judgment, which is ultimately one of the reasons why she could be a bad doctor.

7 Good: She Became Inspired By Her Mother’s Legacy

It would be overwhelming for anyone to be Ellis Grey’s daughter, as she won the prestigious Catherine Fox award twice, and she was a beloved member of the medical community.

Instead of finding this stressful, Meredith respected and appreciated her mom’s legacy, and was inspired to follow in her footsteps. Meredith always wanted to be the best and since she knew how well her mom did in medicine, she knew what was possible with hard work and tenacity.

6 Not: She Committed Insurance Fraud

Meredith Grey

In season 15, Meredith committed insurance fraud. It was for a good reason, as she wanted to help a young girl without health insurance. Instead of letting the girl leave the hospital and therefore not get treated, she wrote down her own kid’s name on the form.

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While Meredith wanted to help, breaking the law definitely makes someone a bad doctor, as they could lose their ability to practice medicine, and then they can’t help anyone or save any lives at all. It’s devastating that the health care system leaves people out in the cold, but she shouldn’t have broken the rules.

5 Good: She Is Cool, Calm, And Collected In Intense Situations

In season 2, Meredith operated on a patient with a bomb inside of his chest, proving that she can take on any intense medical situation.

Meredith was very calm during this storyline, and it’s easy to see even the toughest and strongest doctors having trouble coping with something so terrifying. Fans definitely respect Meredith here, as she put her life on the line to help someone, and she took her job seriously and was so careful the entire time.

4 Not: She Doesn’t Have The Best Bedside Manner

Meredith has her relatable moments, but for the most part, she isn’t super friendly, and when comparing all of the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s hard to say that she has a pleasant bedside manner.

Meredith has a fairly cold demeanor and it seems like she has to really force herself to be nice to patients. She may not be as harsh as Alex and Cristina can be in certain situations, but Meredith is also hyper-focused on the medicine part of the equation and doesn’t always remember to be compassionate.

3 Good: She Was Determined To Continue Her Career

Meredith may have been “dark and twisty” but she fell hard for Derek and they started a family, which was beautiful to see. While Derek wanted her to stop focusing so much on work so he could take on opportunities that were presented to him, Meredith wasn’t so sure that was the right move.

This proves that Meredith has many strengths and talents as a doctor and that she’s in the right place. If she wasn’t so committed to the field of medicine, she would have listened to Derek and agreed that it was time to take a step back.

2 Not: She Let Her Feelings For Her Sisters Affect Her

Meredith may have eventually become close with Lexie and Maggie, and she grew to appreciate her sister-in-law Amelia, but when they all arrived, she wasn’t pleased with it. Meredith would have liked them to stay far away, and she was pretty mean to them each at the beginning of their time at the hospital.

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The fact that Meredith let her personal feelings for her sisters affect her while at work is a strike against her and it affects how fans see her talent as a doctor. She should have been much more professional and able to ignore what was going on.

1 Good: She Won The Catherine Fox Award

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy know that the Catherine Fox award (formally known as the Harper Avery) is a huge deal, and winning it is like accepting an Oscar. The fact that Meredith was crowned a winner in the season 14 episode ”Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story’ definitely speaks to her brilliance as a surgeon.

Some say that there was a conflict and she shouldn’t have won, as the Catherine Fox Foundation funds the hospital, but that doesn’t take away Meredith’s talents and reputation as a doctor. If she wasn’t great at her career, she would never have been honored here. Meredith has been through more tragedy than most and viewers were glad to see her being recognized.

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