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Alligator Loki Inspired By Real-Life Emotional Support Animal

Alligator Loki is inspired by a real-life emotional support alligator named Wally, who serves as a visual reference for the Disney+ show.

Alligator Loki, who stole the show with his debut in Loki episode 4, was actually inspired by a real-life support animal. Loki debuted on Disney+ on June 9th and has been picking up momentum as it approaches its season finale. Episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” dropped the biggest bombshell when it revealed the TVA’s lies and introduced four new Loki variants in its post-credit scene. Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki quickly enraptured audiences in episode 5 as their characters were further explored.

Of the variants, Alligator Loki was the most comical with its tiny horned helmet and its attack on President Loki. It also intrigued fans as the characters themselves were a bit dubious about whether Alligator Loki is, indeed, a Loki variant or simply an alligator. Loki writer Michael Waldron knows the answer, but he is content to let fans debate on Alligator Loki’s variant status. However, other interesting facts about the story behind Alligator Loki are surfacing.

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Loki writer Eric Martin has revealed that Alligator Loki’s appearance was inspired by a real-life support animal named Wally. Martin took to Twitter to share a video of Wally, explaining that while the idea for Alligator Loki came from Waldron, Wally served as a visual reference. The 5ft, 60-lb alligator is a federally licensed emotional support animal who loves cuddles and kisses and helps his owner, Joie Henney, with his depression. Check out the Tweet below:

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It is not surprising that Alligator Loki required a visual reference to be brought to life. As Loki director Kate Herron’s BTS photo revealed, Alligator Loki was largely created by CGI. The creators most likely needed a visual of how an alligator looks and moves to animate him effectively. Viewers of the video will notice that Wally’s size and movements bear a resemblance to Alligator Loki. In fact, at one point, a woman picks up Wally and holds him over her shoulder, in a similar manner to how Kid Loki carries Alligator Loki during the fight.

In addition to giving credit to Wally for inspiring Alligator Loki, Martin is also helping to share Wally’s incredible story. The idea of an alligator being an emotional support animal is hard to believe; however, Wally has undeniably helped and supported his owner. Meanwhile, Henney takes good care of Wally and the many other alligators and reptiles that he rehomes. Since Alligator Loki isn’t based on a Marvel comic character, Wally serves to provide a unique background to his story. Theories are already forming about Kid Loki’s potential return in the MCU’s future, and if he does return, Alligator Loki will likely appear again, too. For now, though, Alligator Loki is a fun addition to the Loki series, and his creation helps bring awareness to Wally and Henney’s story.

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Source: Eric Martin

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