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An MCU Villain Just Became Marvel’s New War Machine

The Absorbing Man has the ability to turn his skin into any metal he touches, and he just used that ability to morph into War Machine!

Spoilers for Gamma Flight #1 ahead!

Crusher Creel, AKA the Absorbing Man, just became Marvel’s new War Machine – even if only for a brief moment. In Gamma Flight #1, on sale now in print and digital, readers are introduced to a new team of gamma mutates. They’re on the run from the authorities, and when cornered, the Absorbing Man morphs into War Machine.

In the Marvel Universe, Gamma Flight was a division of Alpha Flight, the former Canadian super-team-turned-space-defense-force. One of their members, the Absorbing Man, can turn his skin into any metal he touches. He’s appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and was also name-checked on Netflix’s Daredevil. Doc Samson (morphed here into Doc Sasquatch), gamma radiation expert Doctor Charlotte McGowan, Puck, Titania and a Rick Jones/Del Frye fusion make up the rest of the team. They’re trying to stay one step ahead of Alpha Flight and the United States government, however, when a group of soldiers think they have the Absorbing Man where they want him, he undergoes an amazing transformation.

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As the Absorbing Man is raiding a former Shadow Base with Doc Sasquatch, they are ambushed by a group of soldiers under the direction of Henry Peter Gyrich. The soldiers open fire, but the Absorbing Man turns his skin to lead – just like the bullets. He continues to engage with the troops until he’s had enough and absorbs a large deposit of metal at the base. His skin starts to turn and he morphs his body to closely resemble War Machine (a fact the Absorbing Man notes), complete with all the firepower the suit provides. In this new form, the Absorbing Man quickly dispatches the troops, and he and Sasquatch continue their raid of the base.

Absorbing Man, War Machine

Absorbing Man’s turn as War Machine is brief – only lasting one panel – but it is enough to show readers just how powerful the Absorbing Man can truly be. Fans now know that he can not only change his skin to metal, but he can also shape it into any form he wishes. Will the Absorbing Man make more use of this power in the future? This kind of ability could likely prove very beneficial to his new teammates in Gamma Flight in the future.

The Absorbing Man is one of the Hulk’s most powerful villains, and for a brief moment, he was War Machine as well. Gamma Flight #1 is written by Al Ewing and Crystal Frasier, with art by Lan Medina, colors by Antonio Fabela and letters by Joe Sabino.

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