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Andrei, Libby, & The Potthasts Are Driving Viewers Away

Fans say they’re fast forwarding through the Potthast family segments on this season of HEA, and it could lead them to abandon the entire show.

Every season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? inevitably has couples that fans don’t like, but this season Andrei Castravet, Elizabeth Potthast, and the extended Potthast family are being called so awful that viewers are skipping their segments entirely. The Potthast family ranks high for disliked plotlines this season, and fans have apparently reached their limit. Skipping individual segments is the first step to skipping entire episodes, and TLC may regret casting the Potthasts.

Though Andrei and Libby have always irked viewers, the excessive inclusion of Libby’s family this season has been especially criticized. Fans have questioned the legitimacy of the family business and think they are all exaggerating drama for the camera. The Potthasts are leaving viewers annoyed and some suspect that Andrei, Libby, and the Potthasts are trying to get their own spin-off. The constant squabbling and screaming matches aren’t what fans tune in to see, and it’s making a lot of them tune out.

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The Potthast storyline has gotten so bad that many viewers claim to be fast forwarding through the Libby and Andrei segments. They are unbearable to watch…I 100% fast forward through their cringey acting scenes,” one fan commented on Reddit, and they weren’t alone. Many think scenes between Andrei and the Potthasts are staged, which makes their segments even more irritating. “Their storyline is so fake and overproduced, and I cannot take it anymore,” a fan said. Another added, “they are the worst thing about the worst season in franchise history.

Though many commenters only spoke about skipping the Potthast scenes, some felt the issue was bigger than just those cast members. One fan referred to the entire franchise as “cringe porn,” and there was a consensus that the show feels more scripted now than when the series first debuted. Viewers skipping any segments on the regular isn’t a good sign for the show as a whole. Fans fast forwarding through the Andrei and Libby scenes may be inclined to fast forward through other segments too. And at that point, they may decide to abandon the entire show.

90 Day Fiancé fans are already sick of Andrei, Libby, and her family, so it’s no surprise that they would slam the Potthast family spin-off show idea that TLC seems to be considering. When fans respond so negatively to particular cast members, the network might want to pay more attention to what they have to say. The Potthasts appear to be driving fans away, and given the complaints that have been circulating about the franchise in general, the show can’t afford to keep losing viewers.

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