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Animal Crossing Player’s Island Is a Frog Villager Paradise

A skilled Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has used custom designs to transform their island into an endless lily pond for their frog islanders.

A creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has transformed their island into a frog villager’s paradise by making a seemingly endless lily pond. Players of the Nintendo Switch hit are still pushing the game’s creative boundaries even a year after launch, using in-game items and custom designs to create everything from beautiful gardens to Animal Crossing optical illusions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons tasks players with transforming a simple island into a perfect paradise, complete with a thriving town of villagers and a three-star Island Rating. The game offers many tools to assist in creating the ideal island, including terraforming unlocks which allow players to use Waterscaping and Cliff Construction to aid their creative visions. Custom pixel designs can also be made and shared by players, which have led to the creation of many unique island ideas and designs, including a recreation of the moon’s surface in Animal Crossing.

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While most ACNH players stick to just a few path designs here and there, Redditor and Animal Crossing fan Sylver_Acnh has instead used the pathway tool to transform their island into one huge pond to keep their frog islanders happy. The user shared a snippet of their island to Reddit, showing off what looks like an endless lily pond for their frogs to enjoy. The effect was achieved using a custom water-effect design created by Twitter user atsumori_915. While the end result looks simple and cozy, this is by no means an easy design to replicate. Custom pathways can take a lot of time and effort to get right, and to achieve the look, Sylver_Acnh has also created “islands” using different custom designs, adding even more complexity to the project.

Along with the water and floating island themselves, Sylver_Acnh has decorated their build using a number of Kerokerokeroppi frog items from the Animal Crossing and Sanrio amiibo crossover. Nintendo and the Hello Kitty company originally joined forces for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS, releasing amiibo cards that could function with the game. Earlier this year, the cards went back on sale with added content for New Horizons. Tapping the cards to a player’s Nintendo Switch will invite a series of Sanrio-inspired characters to the island, and will also introduce special themed furniture and items.

While the latest game in the Animal Crossing franchise has seen a few updates since launch, players are hoping for further gameplay to come to the game in the future. The Nintendo Switch release is still missing a number of key characters from the series, including Brewster and Tortimer, as well as gameplay seen in previous titles. While many players believe Animal Crossing desperately needs new updates, at least players’ creative designs are still inspiring others.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Sylver_Acnh/Redditatsumori_915/Twitter

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