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Anthem’s Flight System Inspires Impressive Indie Demo

Fans of Anthem’s flight system will want to check out indie game TIRELESS: Prepare for the Adrenaline, which takes inspiration from the EA title.

An indie developer is working on a new game that has a flight system heavily inspired by Anthem. EA’s Anthem is an online multiplayer action game, originally released for consoles and PC in 2019. Sadly, the game failed to make the splash it intended, receiving mixed to low scores and reviews from critics and players alike. Anthem is now widely regarded as a failure across all platforms.

Anthem was set to be one of the biggest games in EA’s roster, promising a dynamic sci-fi world and solid gameplay with millions of fans eager for its release. The game was so highly anticipated that many thought it to be a Game of the Year contender until its launch, which was rocky at best. Anthem was released with a myriad of technical problems, with bugs and server crashes preventing lots of gamers from playing. A lack of meaningful gameplay, bad weapons, and weak looting systems meant many players able to access the game didn’t enjoy the gameplay or the associated grind. While both the developer BioWare and EA had hoped to make Anthem a success, content updates and gameplay changes didn’t go far enough in keeping gamers’ interest. A complete overhaul of the game was announced in early 2020 but was scrapped after a few months of development.

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Despite the flaws of Anthem, many players agree that it got one thing completely right: its flight system. Anthem has been praised for its dynamic and fluid gameplay here, and now it’s inspired one indie developer to create something similar. Redditor TheCyberClan has shared a teaser video for their upcoming Steam game, TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline, which they say has a flight system that was largely influenced by Anthem. “Playing Anthem made me realize how awesome air traversal can feel so I wanted to make a similar system, but a bit more responsive and fast,” said TheCyberClan, the game’s sole developer. The short snippet of gameplay has seen a lot of attention on Reddit, with lots of gamers praising the developer’s work. Gamers looking to try out the fast-paced sci-fi 3D platformer can check out the demo on Steam.

While TIRELESS: Prepare for the Adrenaline and the now-canceled Anthem overhaul don’t seem to share much else in common, the indie game is certainly looking very impressive. The upcoming title features “fully handcrafted levels” and aims to “challenge player’s skills through progressive difficulty“. Players will pilot a training pacer through a series of tough levels to become the winner of the intergalactic championship, the TIRELESS Tournament. While it may look like a racing game, the developer assures fans that TIRELESS doesn’t stray from its roots as a platformer. Unfortunately, there’s no release date in place for the sci-fi adventure, but fans of Anthem‘s flight mechanics can add the game to their Steam wishlist today.

TIRELESS could offer some of what Anthem fans were hoping for after the game’s troubled launch. EA and BioWare officially announced the cancellation of Anthem 2.0 in February this year. The overhaul was originally intended to revamp the core Anthem experience, shaping it into something more akin to the game players expected to see at launch. Anthem 2.0 concept art showed off a pirate faction, as well as a skull-shaped fortress, which could have been a success for the project should it have survived. With Anthem‘s rebirth officially cancelled, players might just have to make do with the upcoming TIRELESS: Prepare for the Adrenaline.

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Anthem is out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: TheCyberClan/Reddit, Steam

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