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Are Marvin & Melinda From Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Still Together?

Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose made it through Too Hot To Handle as a couple. Here’s the current status of Marvin & Melinda’s relationship now.

Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose made it to the end of Too Hot To Handle season 2 together, and fans need to know whether or not Marvin and 28-year-old Brooklyn model Melinda have stuck together after their villa vacation. Marvin and Melinda faced quite a few challenges during their time on Too Hot To Handle, but they ended the reality dating show as one of the fans’ favorite couples. With new challenges outside of the Netflix series such as the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s the current status of Marvin and Melinda’s relationship.

Even though Too Hot To Handle is known for having chaotic couples, Melinda and Marvin were one of the most consistent. Of course, the pair had their occasional arguments brought on by jealousy and the pressure of the reality show’s strict rules. Melinda was insecure about Marvin’s ability to be a dependable boyfriend on and off of the Netflix dating show. By the end of season 2, however, Marvin and Melinda made it to the finish line as a couple, along with their co-stars Emily Miller and 24-year-old personal trainer Cam Holmes. On top of finishing Too Hot To Handle together, Marvin won the entire season as a result of the emotional growth he made over the season. Marvin and Melinda’s relationship not only stood the test of Netflix’s hit series, but it also helped the stars learn how to be better partners.

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On top of Marvin Anthony being $55,000 richer, a lot has changed since the fan-favorite couple left the villa. Too Hot To Handle season 2 was filmed in September 2020, when the world was still well within the grasps of the COVID-19 pandemic. Melinda Melrose expressed concern about being able to maintain their relationship in a world shut down by COVID-19. After all, Melinda is based in Brooklyn, New York, and Marvin lives in Paris, France – which makes meeting up an extraordinarily difficult task during a global pandemic. Alas, the Too Hot To Handle season 2 winner spoke with Capital FM to clarify the current status of his romance with Melinda. Marvin explained that the pandemic was a conflict for them after the show because they’ve “been away for a long time” while Marvin “was stuck in France.” 

Marvin massages Melinda in Too Hot To Handle 2

Marvin shared, “It’s complicated, with Melinda it’s always complicated.” While Marvin’s statements are underwhelming for fans hoping the stars have made their romance last, the victor also gave out good news for Too Hot To Handle audiences. In the comments section of Marvin‘s Instagram, a fan asked the reality star whether or not he and Melinda are currently dating. Marvin responded with two thumbs up and a heart-eye emoji. While this isn’t the most emotionally emphatic demonstration of his love for Melinda, it is just enough to keep fans optimistic about the THTH couple. With that said, Melinda’s followers on Instagram are getting a different impression of the pair’s trajectory. On Instagram, Melinda has not posted any photos of her and Marvin. Melinda’s most recent picture is captioned, “Not all queens needed kings in order to rule,” indicating Melinda might be riding solo after THTH.

Marvin and Melinda’s relationship was one of the strongest on Too Hot To Handle, but their love has not translated as well off-screen. With colossal conflicts like a global pandemic, Marvin and Melinda had an uphill battle once leaving the villa. While the Too Hot To Handle couple appears to be figuring out their current relationship status, fans are hoping for the best.

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