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Arrowverse Is Trolling Diggle & Green Lantern Fans At This Point

While the Arrowverse is teasing John Diggle’s destiny as a Green Lantern, the storyline has so far been more teasing than showing. So what’s going on?

While John Diggle seems destined to become a Green Lantern in the future, the Arrowverse may as well be trolling audiences by this point. Even though Arrow has concluded, it hasn’t meant the end for the other characters that Oliver Queen left behind after he passed away. One of Arrow’s best characters was Diggle, who has been a significant fan-favorite in the Arrowverse for almost a decade. Even though actor David Ramsey may not be a series regular anymore, it hasn’t stopped his character, John Diggle, from visiting other Arrowverse shows. This season Ramsey has been showing up across the whole franchise while also directing a few episodes.

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Though Ramsey played not Diggle, but Bass Reeves, in his Legends of Tomorrow cameo, Diggle has so far been on Batwoman and The Flash, with Superman & Lois being his next stop before Supergirl. Ever since the Arrow series finale when Diggle was sent a green ring for mysterious reasons, the Arrowverse has not done much with Diggle’s Green Lantern storyline. The biggest clue so far is that Diggle heard voices telling him that “worlds await” in his recent appearance on The Flash. So while the episode ended with Diggle deciding to deal with his situation, where is this actually going?

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While the Arrowverse’s timeline has been a little uncertain due to the global pandemic, an extensive amount of time has passed since Diggle got the rumored Green Lantern box. If Diggle has been suffering from headaches for that long, why would he only now decide to deal with it? However, the bigger question is why the Arrowverse is taking such an extensive amount of time to come through with Diggle’s evolution into Green Lantern. Despite Ramsey’s past comments about certain Warner Bros. restrictions after Arrow’s cliffhanger, this arc would likely not be happening right now if the Arrowverse weren’t allowed to do it at all. At this point, it’s inexplicable why the Arrowverse keeps delaying the storyline.

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Once it became evident in Arrow’s last few seasons that Diggle would, in one way or another, become a Green Lantern, audiences have been waiting very patiently. That is why it feels like the Arrowverse is, to a degree, trolling its viewers with Diggle’s ongoing storyline. Ramsey’s visit on The Flash season 7 could have at least showed the Green Lantern ring rather than continuing to be so ambiguous about it. It is one thing for Diggle to suit up officially, but doing something as simple as revealing a first look at the actual ring is not asking for much.

The frustration will only worsen if Diggle has not accepted his Green Lantern destiny fully by the time his Supergirl season 6 episode airs. That will mean the Arrowverse went through a whole season across the shows without Diggle’s visits leading him to accept the ring’s invitation. If that were to happen, the Arrowverse’s next season will hopefully start with Diggle having fully embraced the Green Lantern destiny that audiences have waited years to see.

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