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“Assassin’s Creed Infinity” Online In The Works

Assassins Creed Infinity Online In The Works

Ubisoft has revealed “Assassin’s Creed Infinity,” an online live service title that will mark a new era for the franchise. Inspired by Grand Theft Auto Online and Fortnite, the new title will be a massive online platform that evolves over time.

Unlike the previous single-player games which had each unfolding in a specific historical setting, the new title will contain multiple settings with room to expand to others in the months and years to follow.

Individual games on the platform might look and feel different, but they will reportedly all be connected. The game is still in early development though and at least three years away from release.

Ubisoft has also unified the Montreal and Quebec teams which will now collaborate on Infinity. Since 2007, Ubisoft has released a new game every year or two with the titles selling over 155 million units combined. What ‘Infinity’ might mean for future single-player titles in the franchise is unclear.

Source: Ubisoft

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