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Asuelu Pulaa’s Plan For More Children Divides Fans

Auelu stunned viewers by wanting to have another baby. Why do some fans say he’s out of his mind, while others support his plan to grow his family?

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Asuelu Pulaa has made it clear that he wants to have more children with his wife Kalani Faagata and fans are divided on whether or not that’s a good idea. Though there’s no doubt that Asuelu loves his kids, many viewers are skeptical about his parenting skills and ability to financially support his family. Asuelu certainly has his supporters, but that doesn’t mean that all of the show’s viewers would be on board with Kalani and Asuelu growing their family.

Kalani unexpectedly got pregnant with the couple’s first child, Oliver, not long after she met Asuelu on vacation. Then, when Asuelu came to the U.S. to start the K-1 visa process, Kalani got pregnant again with their second son Kennedy. Since then, Kalani and Asuelu have been struggling with their finances and are hoping to save up to buy a house. So Kalani was shocked on a recent episode when Asuelu expressed the desire to have another baby.

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Viewers were as stunned as Kalani was to hear this, because many feel that the last thing the couple needs testing their marriage is another baby. “No more kids for Asuelu…at least until he gets a job,” one commenter asserted on Reddit. Others thought the couple should wait until Asuelu isn’t “a man-child” who already acts like Kalani’s third child. Some felt the couple should wait until they have their own home, and some say Kalani and Asuelu shouldn’t have any more kids, period.

However, there were many fans who were more supportive of Asuelu. They pointed out that Asuelu is far from the “unemployed bum” the show makes him out to be and he has actually held several jobs. Asuelu makes money on Cameo, does ride-sharing, and has also worked at a frozen yogurt shop, a gym, and Zion National Park. Asuelu’s hustle is impressive, and one fan added “he works more than majority of these Americans in [the franchise].” 

Though there are some fans who think Asuelu doesn’t help raise his current children enough, but others think the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star is a good dad. Even if some think he’s not ready for another child right now, the love Asuelu has for his family and eagerness to work hard indicates that another baby could be an option in the future. There will always be fans who are ready to cast doubt on Asuelu’s ability to be a good father and husband; however, there are still many viewers in Asuelu’s corner who support his plans to continue growing his family.

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Source: Reddit

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