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Battle Angel Star Marko Zaror as a Villain

Martial arts star Marko Zaror joins Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins and many more in the loaded cast of John Wick: Chapter 4.

John Wick 4 adds Alita: Battle Angel and Machete Kills star Marko Zaror. The fourth entry in the John Wick series brings back Keanu Reeves as the indestructible assassin. In recent weeks, Reeves has been joined by multiple new castmates who figure to make John Wick: Chapter 4 the most insane action ride yet.

The first domino to fall in the John Wick 4 casting race was pop star Rina Sawayama, who was announced to be joining in May 2021. In short order the movie also added martial arts legend Donnie Yen, Stowaway actor Shamier Anderson, IT star Bill Skarsgard, veteran actor Hiroyuki Sanada and martial arts star Scott Adkins. It’s also been revealed that John Wick stalwarts Laurence Fishburne and Lance Reddick will both be back. There have also been reports that the film is seeking to cast Wesley Snipes as a sword-wielding character.

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What stands out about the John Wick: Chapter 4 cast list obviously is the number of actors with martial arts and action experience. As reported by Deadline, well-known martial arts performer Zaror is the latest action star to join the movie’s already impressive lineup. Zaror will reportedly play a villainous character in the film.

John Wick 4

Zaror got his start in movies as a stunt performer and even doubled for Dwayne Johnson in the 2003 film The Rundown. He later established his own name as an action performer in movies like Machete Kills, Redeemer and Alita: Battle Angel. He’s also starred in the TV shows From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series and Marvel’s The Defenders.

Stunts and action are obviously key to the John Wick series as a whole. The series is after all directed by Chad Stahelski, who began as a stunt performer and coordinator. Of course an actor like Reeves can be convincing in such an action-heavy film with the right training and the use of Hollywood magic. But there’s really no substitute for a genuine martial arts expert who can make their body do things normal humans can’t do. John Wick: Chapter 4 now boasts four long-time martial arts-trained action stars in Yen, Sanada, Adkins and Zaror, giving the movie some serious legitimacy.

Knowing director Stahelski’s own action background, it’s a given he will try to get the most he can out of these performers while he has his hands on them. That’s not to sniff at an intriguing first-time actor like Sawayama, or performers like Skarsgard, Anderson, Fishburne and Reddick, who all bring a lot of talent to the table. And of course there’s Reeves leading the whole thing as a Baba Yaga himself. Filming on John Wick 4 has already started so fans should soon begin catching glimpses of what Stahelski and his all-star cast of action veterans have in store for audiences.

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Source: Deadline

  • John Wick: Chapter 4 (2022)Release date: May 27, 2022

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