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Batwoman Season 3 Will Delve Deeper Into Ryan’s Personal Life

Batwoman season 3 will give a closer look into Ryan’s personal life. This includes her family, as her mother is alive, and a potential love interest.

Batwoman season 3 will dig deeper into Ryan’s personal life. Originally premiering in 2019, Batwoman served as a solo venture for Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, after the character gained household recognition among Arrowverse fans following an appearance in the 2018 crossover event, Elseworlds. Season 1 navigated Kate’s adventures as the new vigilante of Gotham City, and it was positively received from all corners. This led fans to assume Rose’s Crimson Knight would stick around for a while. But last year, fans got a major shocker when Rose departed from Batwoman ahead of season 2. Since then, the series has shifted focus towards a new lead: Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder, who assumed Kate’s superheroine mantle after her unexplained disappearance.

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When season 2 introduced Ryan, it did not immediately set her ambitions up to be noble like Kate’s. Rather, Ryan was depicted as a very different protagonist; a street-level hero, ex-convict and drug runner, who only dons the bat-suit to avenge her mother’s death. Given Ryan’s conflicted motivations, season 2 took its time to cement her as the new face of the series. Plus, some time was also consumed in addressing what happened to Kate. Thus, it wasn’t until the season finale that Ryan truly understood what it meant to be Batwoman and took sole charge of Gotham’s security. Since season 2 was so involved in establishing Ryan as Batwoman, it barely had time to cover her backstory and explore relevant plot lines. But now, the character has become the undisputed heroine of the series, and therefore the upcoming episodes are aiming to revolve more around her personal life.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Caroline Dries revealed she is aiming for season 3 to delve into Ryan’s life and history. The season 2 finale had proven to be quite a shocker for Ryan, as she learned that her biological mother was very much alive. Dries says this idea of showcasing Ryan’s family was always there, but at that time she didn’t want to bloat the show with Ryan’s personal arcs. However, heading into season 3, the whereabouts of Ryan’s mother will be a major part of the storyline, and they may even serve as an obstacle for the new Batwoman as she takes on unfamiliar adventures in Gotham City. Read what Dries said below:

We knew sort of early on at the beginning of the season that we were looking to expand Ryan’s world slowly but surely. And as we’ve discussed before, it was that delicate dance of trading off leads at the beginning of the season, so we didn’t want to overpopulate the show with Ryan’s personal world while we were still transitioning to a new Batwoman. Of course, we really wanted to get to know Ryan and use this notion of a biological mother as a point of drama or an obstacle for her moving forward into the next season.


Besides exploring her family, Dries also added that season 3 might include some proper romance for Ryan. When Leslie was finalized as the new Batwoman, it was announced that she would be the first Black, lesbian incarnation of the character. But while Ryan’s ethnicity was satisfactorily communicated through her costume, her sexuality did not really come into play, possibly due to other arcs the show was already dealing with. But now, Dries has confirmed conversations are ongoing about finding a suitable love interest for Ryan, and the EP herself is excited about the prospect.

The fact that Batwoman reserved Ryan’s personal life for her second year as the vigilante makes perfect sense as during season 2, the priority was to offer closure about Kate’s departure and warm viewers up to a new superhero. Now that it’s out of the way, the show has plenty of time and opportunities to expand the lore of its new protagonist and study the multi-faceted character. Family and love have always been key themes on Batwoman, and their poignant and thoughtful handling has helped grip and retain fans’ attention. Of course, the show doesn’t have Kate anymore to study the themes from her angle. But Ryan’s presence has opened new pathways for the show to revisit the themes without looking stale or repetitive.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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