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Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

There is a wide array of different things for players to do in Scarlet Nexus. This guide shows players what to do after beating the game.

Making it through Scarlet Nexus is by no means an easy task. Players will have to go up against a large number of deadly enemies that will test their skills in combat. Both of the main characters have their own specific abilities that the player will need to learn how to use well if they want to see all the way to the game’s conclusion. Getting there will take a considerable amount of effort.

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Once the player has reached the end of the game and watched through the credits though their time with Scarlet Nexus is only just beginning. There is still a large amount of content left to explore in the game with secret items to track down, side quests to complete, and story beats to uncover. Those who want more out of Scarlet Nexus only have to hop back in and start exploring. This guide shows players what to do after they have completed Scarlet Nexus’ main storyline.

Scarlet Nexus: What To Do After Beating the Game

Scarlet nexus Combat Guide

Play As The Other Protagonist – The most obvious thing to do after completing the game is for the player to make their back through it again as the protagonist they didn’t play as the first go-round. This other character has access to a completely different skill set and abilities that make for a whole new experience gameplay-wise. On top of this though another great reason to revisit the game as the other character is that they have different perspectives on the game’s storyline. This means that the player will learn new things about the overall story and have a great understanding of the plot overall if they choose a new character.

Finish The Brain Map – Another fun thing to do is try and finish the Brain Map and acquire all of the abilities possible. The further into the Brain Map that the player gets then the more powerful the abilities will become. What is most exciting though is that when the player chooses to start a new game they have the option of starting out with the exact same Brain Map allocation, or they can respec all of these skills and reassign the points how they wish. This allows the player to rethink the way that they assigned their points and even reallocate them when playing as a new character.

Complete Side Missions – There are a large host of side missions for players to complete during the course of Scarlet Nexus, and by doing so the player can receive many special materials and items for their troubles. They are a great way of earning experience points to obtain Brain Map points as well as weapon upgrade materials. Once the game has been completed there are also a series of special side missions that the player is able to complete as well that award even more rare rewards if the player is able to complete them.

Acquire Everyone’s Best Weapon – Every character in the game (including teammates) have some very powerful and unique weapons for the player to get their hands on. While playing through the game they will be able to purchase these weapons from the store, but once the game has been completed each character earns the ability to acquire a weapon far more powerful than any other in the game. By doing certain side missions the player can obtain Phantom Arts that can be traded in at the store along with rare materials to acquire a character’s special weapon. Doing so takes a considerable amount of work, but it is more than worth it.

Build Your Team Relationships – Players can also spend time improving their relationships with their teammates by completing their side missions and buying them gifts. Doing so will increase the capabilities of the player’s SAS abilities, so it is most definitely worth investing time in. Each teammate has several different side missions for the player to take part in and those with extra cash should have no issues finding gifts to give them.

Revisit Old Locations – Backtracking through old areas of the game can also be highly rewarding for the player. The first time through some of the earlier areas of the game the player didn’t have access to the same abilities that they have at the end, so they weren’t able to interact with the world in the same ways. With all of their abilities though the player is able to access previously unreachable parts of the environment to get their hands on items that they couldn’t have early on in the game.

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Scarlet Nexus can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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