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Borderlands 3: Rax or Max (Who You Should Kill)

Many characters within Borderlands 3 players will have to kill, but that isn’t always the case. Here’s why players should kill Rax or Max in the game.

Early on in a playthrough of Borderlands 3, players will need to decide on killing off either Rax, Max, or both of them. The deciding factor is a little on the player’s wants and a little about the investigation and where it leads. Start the quest by speaking to Ziff about her murdered parents in the mission Maliwannabes on the outskirts of Meridian.

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Ziff will be in the tunnels near the Catch a Ride that takes players to the Meridian Metroplex. The whole point of Maliwannabees is to decide which of the two, Rax and Max, murdered Ziff’s parents. The problem is, both of them want to take the credit.

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Deciding the Guilty Party during Maliwannabees in Borderlands 3

The location of the murders is a ways off from where players find Ziff under a bridge. Once players have reached the location they will get to hear the two, Max and Rax, fight over who murdered Ziff’s parents. Neither one will give any true indication as to who is the true killer. Instead, players should check out the supply vehicle nearby to determine who drove out there. As soon as the player approaches the vehicle, Rax will discuss melting someone with a flamethrower close to the vehicle. Due to the supply vehicle being on fire, it is more than likely that Rax is the true killer.

Inspecting it further offers no more clues, after which Ziff claims she doesn’t care who the player chooses to dispose of. Here players can decide to kill one, the other, or both. Killing Rax would be the most logical, but both are terrible Maliwans. Rax and Max will be hanging out in the same location together for players to decide. Here they will force a civilian to walk the plank, where players have the option to save the civilian as well. Both of them will continually mention that they are the killer.

Outcome for Killing Rax

Max will be disappointed that he wasn’t as terrible as Rax. While Ziff will be excited that the player made a decision and erased Rax from the world, she will eventually start to question the player’s decision. Ziff will then request that the player go back and kill Max just in case. This is optional, and players can choose to head back to Ziff anyways and turn in the quest. She will be disappointed, however.

Rax has a chance to drop the legendary Messy Breakup shield which reflects 15% of projectiles and spawns a drone.

Outcome for Killing Max

Rax will become irritated, claiming that he is way worse than Max. Again, Ziff will be excited and then question the player’s decision, requesting for them to go back and kill the other one. If the player chooses not to listen to this request before turning the mission in, Ziff will be pretty disappointed in the Vault Hunter.

Max has a chance to drop the legendary Widowmaker grenade mod which acts as a proximity mine with special honing rockets.

Outcome for Killing Both

Killing off both of these menaces will cause Ziff to pay more and be extremely appreciative of the Vault Hunter’s efforts. This option tends to be the best overall as it offers the most rewards and loot. It also offers players the knowledge that Ziff’s parents are 100% avenged.

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Borderlands 3 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Mac OS, and PC.

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