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Breath of the Wild Player Traces Triforce & Master Sword By Walking

One fan of the Legend of Zelda series used the Hero’s Path tool from Breath of the Wild to trace the artwork of two of the series most iconic weapons.

One creative fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has used the Hero’s Path to trace the outline of two of the game’s most iconic weapons. Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular game series of all time, with fans often re-creating works from the games in other mediums. For instance, on Animal Crossing player did a speedrun recreation of Hyrule. Now, it seems that fans are using one of Breath of the Wild‘s tools to create art of their own.

Hero’s Path is a tool in Breath of the Wild that will allow players to retrace their journey across the vast land of Hyrule. Usually, the Hero’s Path is used by players to recall whether they have visited certain important landmarks or find a spot where they recently died. However, with a bit of time and precision, it appears that the Hero’s Path can also be used to make works of art.

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Redditor Pineapplehand shows off their creativity and prowess with the Hero’s Path by showing off two tracings they made. By walking on a precise path, Pineapplehand’s footsteps drew an outline of two iconic weapons from The Legend of Zelda series – the Triforce and Master Sword. The first piece shows the Triforce’s artwork of four triangles positioned within one larger triangle, along with Pineapplehand’s previous travels while playing. For the Master Sword, though, it appears that Pineapplehand found an open area of the map on which to trace an outline of the Master Sword’s artwork.

The Triforce is perhaps The Legend of Zelda‘s most iconic weapon, appearing in the original game. The Master Sword, on the other hand, first appeared in A Link to the Past, the third installment in the series. The Triforce was not available and only vaguely referenced in The Breath of the Wild, but the Master Sword is able to be wielded by Link in the game.

Even though both weapons have been slightly overshadowed in the more recent games, including Breath of the Wild, their importance to fans is clearly enduring. Since they are two of the first weapons that many Zelda fans encountered when playing the series, both Triforce and Master Sword have a special place in the hearts of older players. Even for newer players, though, the artwork is clearly recognizable enough that these tracings made an impact. If nothing else, the creativity and effort to use the Hero’s Path tool to create art is yet another example of how creative and passionate Zelda fans can be.

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Source: Pineapplehand/Reddit (12)

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