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Cast Members Who Totally Reinvented Themselves

The 90 Day Fiance franchise has made cast members famous, and some have stayed relevant by reinventing themselves. These reality stars have evolved.

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé franchise has showcased successful love stories and heartbreaks since the original show premiered in 2014, and we’re here to talk about the cast members who have dramatically changed their images and lives. The international success of the 90DF franchise can be attributed to the variety of personalities shown onscreen. In particular, those that are polarizing enough to be talked about for months on end really get attention.

The OG show 90 Day Fiancé has spawned a number of successful spin-off shows that give certain couples a more focused spotlight. In addition, singles are now shown on 90 Day: The Single Life. These singles were part of 90DF relationships that didn’t stand the test of time. As the franchise evolves, so do its current cast members and alums.

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With reality TV, the evolution of cast members can be a mixed bag. Viewers may witness 90 Day Fiancé franchise alums going on to star in their own shows, or becoming business moguls, or working as models. Sometimes, though, this particular franchise features celebrities who find fame and then spiral downward. That doesn’t mean that it’s the end for them. Even cast members who were in dire situations have managed to turn their lives around. It’s fascinating to look at the 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast members and alums who have completely reinvented themselves

Juliana Custodio

Juliana Custodio Michael Jessen Still Together Fashion Model in 90 Day Fiance

Juliana Custodio first made her mark in 90 Day Fiancé season 7. Fans of the show had a lot to say about Juliana because of the significant age gap between her and her partner, Michael Jessen, who is 19 years older than Juliana. She also didn’t grow up in the lap of luxury. In fact, this gorgeous Brazilian was allegedly kidnapped and sold into child labor workshops. However, Juliana blossomed on the show and has proven that she was in her relationship for the right reasons. And as of late, she has 371k followers on Instagram, and she keeps getting modeling work.

Darcey Silva

Darcey Silva In 90 Day Fiance

The hopeless romantic Darcey Silva was first introduced to viewers through the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days way back in 2017. She was in a long-distance relationship with Jesse Meester during that time. They’d met online and instantly fell hard for each other, but it didn’t work out in the end. In 2020, she broke up with Tom Brooks during an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, which led her to star in a new spinoff with her twin Stacey Silva, Darcey & Stacey. While going through these changes, Darcey was also going through a transformation of her own. The reality star is nearly unrecognizable with her new look. She’s moved on from her shady exes and has a new attitude and image that reflects her personal growth.

Larissa Lima

Continuing on with the physical transformation theme, we have Larissa Lima, who is quite a polarizing character. Fans love to talk about her. One of the many things that can be said about Larissa is that her new look is way up there. The reality star has had several plastic surgery procedures done on her face and body. She’s drastically altered her appearance in order to achieve her ideal image and become a social media superstar. Larissa seems to love the way that she looks.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava made quite the splash the moment she walked into 90 Day Fiancé season 4. In no time flat, viewers realized that Anfisa had a sharp tongue. She cut through a lot of her fiancé’s terrible behavior and made her intentions clear from the very beginning. Her meme-worthy clips circulated online and went viral. Anfisa was also labeled as a gold digger since she never hid the fact that Jorge’s promised fortune played a factor in her feelings for him.

Since she and Jorge divorced, she’s launched a fitness website that encourages healthy lifestyles by offering meal plans and workout routines. She’s also taken social media by storm and is currently living the good life. She’s worked hard for her success. She managed to shake off her golddigger image and showed everyone what she is capable of.

David and Annie Toborowsky

Is there a spinoff series of 90 Day Fiancé that David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan Toborowsky haven’t graced their presence with? The couple grew in popularity after making their first appearance in season 5. They are now one of the franchise couples with the best rags to riches story. David and Annie also have a noticeable age gap. Of course, viewers slammed them in the beginning for this very reason. The couple soon became favorites. They’ve gone on to star in several other shows within the franchise.

Rosemarie Vega

Rose Vega -glamorous-photoshoot-Biggest Transformation 90 Day Fiance

When it comes to 90 Day Fiancé success and social media clout, Rosemarie Vega is the ultimate success story. Rose’s reinvention is one for the books. After leaving the Philippines to pursue a romantic relationship (and a better life for herself and her son Prince) with Big Ed Brown, Rose showed viewers her genuine and sweet personality. Her journey was not easy. During her messiest time with Big Ed, her character was questioned constantly. Also, she was humiliated on national television and made to look like a fool. Then, she proved herself one of the best cast members to have ever come out of the franchise. She remains humble, too, which her fans appreciate.

Rose had a glam makeover that has boosted her follower counts on YouTube and Instagram. In addition, she recently shared information about her beautiful new home, which she managed to acquire for herself and her family. Rose fans are in awe of her as she just keeps winning at life.

Evelyn Cormier

90 Day Fiance Evelyn Cormier American Idol

Evelyn Cormier and her husband David Vázquez Zermeño appeared on 90 Day Fiancé during season 5. Evelyn’s image has since been reinvented over and over again. This is because she starred in other reality shows after her 90DF stint. She was beloved by 90 Day Fiance fans and many were shocked to see her make an impact on American Idol season 17. Not only did she successfully pass the auditions, but she also made it to the top 14. She became a fan favorite on that show.

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