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“Clifford” Had To Be A Particular Red

Clifford Had To Be A Particular Red

Beloved children’s book and animated series “Clifford the Big Red Dog” will soon be making its live-action debut in a new film with the first trailer released a few days ago.

The movie offers a giant red dog as required, though not quite as eye-popping red as his literary counterpart. It turns out there’s a reason for this and those involved went through a major process of selecting just the right shade of red.

Director Walt Becker and producer Jordan Kerner, speaking with Cinema Blend, says it took them a long time to get the red they needed – one that had to be reminiscent of the books, but also believable. Becker says:

“It’s a tightwire act of red, and sometimes too red, makes him feel not real. And then not enough red makes him feel like we’re not really sort of giving this character that we all grew up with life as a red dog. So it was finding the balance and basically putting it right to the edge. But yeah, the color has kept a few people up at night.”

Kerner meanwhile discussed a major technical issue that came with the red fur – namely the level of color bleed that comes with any red object:

“Red as a color, tech and in the world of digital, doesn’t hold perfectly. So if you’ve ever watched a movie, on a DVD or even on… just straight across on Netflix or something, that if the titles are in red, they kind of bleed a little bit. You know, there’s that, and Walt and I had to do a lot of research, way before we started shooting all the way through.

They had to take it out of our cold dead hands, basically, refining every single shot. And to have the technology, Paramount was very helpful in helping us come up with the technology that would hold the red that we chose on movie screens and on iPads and on phones and on computers, on home television. So it was a real big deal to get the red right creatively and then hold it like make it actually stay there.”

Ultimately they indicate they’ve settled on a color that works across numerous types of screens and stays true to the character’s iconic appearance.

“Clifford the Big Red Dog” arrives in cinemas on September 17th.

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