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“Dead Space” Remake Rumors Swirl

Dead Space Remake Rumors Swirl

Motive Studios (“Star Wars: Squadrons”) is reportedly developing a remake of the now defunct Visceral Games’ iconic 2008 sci-fi survival horror title “Dead Space” reports GamesBeat.

Rumors began a few weeks ago of the franchise scoring new life in some form be it a reboot or sequel, and recently the official YouTube account for the franchise saw its first update in eight years – suggesting something is happening. Now comes this report which indicates it is a straight-up remake that also serves as something of a reboot of the series.

The outlet cites the acclaimed “Resident Evil 2” remake as a comparison – a title that used the original game as a base but in a modernized presentation. In addition, the success of EA’s “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order,” which has sold well over 10 million copies, has seemingly shown the single-player game averse company that they can do well.

The original 2008 title follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer who boards the massive mining starship ISS Ishimura – a ‘planet cracker’ which has stopped communicating. Once onboard, you find the craft overrun with deadly multi-limbed monsters called Necromorphs which can be defeated via dismemberment.

At the same time, you struggle with a growing psychosis induced by an artifact called the Marker. The game, ranked in various lists as one of the greatest video games ever made, was famed for its sound design, atmospheric visuals, and innovative approach to various aspects from enemy placement to the HUD.

An acclaimed second title followed in 2011, but 2013’s third entry introduced lots of microtransactions and less of a story-driven single-player approach – reviews and sales tanked and the franchise has laid dormant ever since.

EA has not officially commented on any of the “Dead Space” reports of late. If true though, their upcoming EA Play Live event on July 22nd will be the game’s likely coming out party.

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