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Dracula and Van Helsing Getting Sideshow Collectibles Figures

“…Count Dracula, the propagator of this unspeakable evil, has disappeared. He must be found and destroyed!” 


Two of horror’s greatest icons are being immortalized as figurines. Sideshow Collectibles has announced two new figures for their Horror Collectibles line, in the form of Doctor Van Helsing and Count Dracula. Inspired by the 1958 Hammer Horror classic, Dracula, the figures depict Peter Cushing and Sir Christopher Lee as the stalwart nemeses, sculpted with impressive likeness and summoning nostalgia for the days when the scariest thing in horror was the fake-looking blood dribbling down Dracula’s chin.

The two legendary horror actors are immortalized in mixed media as two of their most iconic characters — two of the many they would play in their years with the Hammer House of Horror — and join Sideshow’s already hefty lineup of iconic film and television figures.


Image via Sideshow

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At an intimidating 22.25 inches tall, the Dracula Premium Format Figure stands atop a faux-stone base bedecked with Gothic architecture worthy of the immortal Count. With bloodshot eyes and a menacing growl, the figure is sculpted with an incredible likeness of Sir Christopher Lee, and features a fully tailored fabric costume, down to a replica of the Count’s signet ring on its left hand. This is Sideshow’s second replication of Lee’s Dracula, after their Count Dracula 2.0 figure, featuring the actor as he appeared in the 1970 film Scars of Dracula.

The Van Helsing Premium Format Figure also features a fully tailored costume, from his fur-trimmed coat down to a pair of shiny black dress shoes. Standing at twenty-one and a half inches, the figure is armed with a crucifix, hammer, and stake — all the tools one needs to take down such an inimitable foe as Dracula. Van Helsing’s fearlessness is captured in the figure face sculpt, and as a set, the two represent one of the most timeless battles of good and evil ever represented on screen.

Dracula and Van Helsing join other iconic characters in Sideshow’s Horror Collectibles lineup, including Gizmo (Gremlins), Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), and the titular Creature from the Black Lagoon. Prices or a release date for the figures have not yet been announced, but fans can RSVP on the Sideshow website for more updates.


Image via Sideshow


Image via Sideshow

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