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Each Main Character’s Most Iconic Scene

Fox’s Sons of Anarchy has a whole host of memorable main characters, some of them so unique they could have a whole spinoff to themselves. A show full of violence, hard lessons and occasionally twisted comedy, the most iconic moments tend to be those which exaggerate or represent the most unique or strongest traits of each character.

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From Tig’s uncharacteristically sensual talk with Venus to the brutal murders of Stahl and Jimmy, these are the main characters most memorable moments in the entire show.

10 Gemma Kills Tara

Perhaps the worst thing she ever does on the show, Gemma’s brutal murder of Tara with a fork to the head has to also be one of the most iconic deaths in the series’ run too. From the palpable tension of the scene build-up to the shock and horror it caused fans, the moment is unforgettable.

For Gemma, the killing has to be her most iconic character moment, as it symbolizes both her brutality, but also, characteristically, the lengths she will go to do what she believes is right in order to protect the club and her son.

9 Tig’s Moment With Venus

Sons of Anarchy - Tig and Venus

The Tig and Venus relationship, despite its occasional oddities, can be both wholesome and beautiful. Importantly, it gives the character of Tig some context and a chance to develop, which doesn’t really happen when he is present in gang or club scenes.

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Near the end of season 7, viewers see what is possibly the most beautiful relationship moment of any in the show, when the two lovers have an emotional talk, with Tig professing his desire for her to be all his. The moment is iconic because it is the most honest version of the character fans get to see.

8 Juice Shoots Chris

sons of anarchy season 7 juice confession

One of the most tragic figures in SOA, Juice’s character arc was painful for fans to endure, going from the lovable and silly season 1 version of himself to the desperate and defeated version that had developed later in the show.

In line with the latter, Juice’s most iconic scene representing his fall was the cold-blooded murder of Chris, after the fellow biker discovers him stealing cocaine for the chief. The moment is gut wrenching, as it represents the tipping point where redemption seems to be no longer an option for a character that was once the most cheerful and silly of the Sons.

7 Jax Tricks Stahl

sons of anarchy

The triple bluff orchestrated by Jax at the end of season 3 left audiences stunned, and was perhaps the most iconic Jax scene in the show, and was certainly one of the most memorable of the series’ many betrayals.

Stahl appears to have outsmarted the club when she reveals Jax’s ‘betrayal’ to his club members, however, the young VP was two steps ahead, feigning disbelief until she leaves and then ambushing the small convoy in a remote location. In the end, he manages not only to remove the ‘ATF thorn’ in the club’s side, but also the problem of Jimmy too. An unforgettable scene that highlights Jax’s creativity and intelligence in managing the club, traits which make him unique among the other club members.

6 Tara -”He’s Mine”

Basically Tara’s catchphrase in season 4 of the show she says it so much, and the character really begins to butt heads with the club and more importantly, the matriarchal Gemma around this time in the show. Unsurprising behavior from a character who tends to use her words rather than violence in her most dramatic scenes.

In one of the rare scenes where Tara successfully asserts dominance over Gemma, fans get to see her essentially order Jax to kill someone, followed by a deep kiss, all in front of the Matriarch. When Jax leaves, Tara looks Gemma straight in the eyes to assert: ‘He’s mine’.

5 Chibs Gets Revenge Against Jimmy

Chibs sitting in clubhouse in Sons of Anarchy

A moment of satisfaction for fans, and revenge for the club, Chibs’ murder of Jimmy brought an end to a long-running problem for the Sons. While the build-up to the scene is executed perfectly, the moment fans get to witness Chibs slash Jimmy’s face like his, and then shove his knives into the arms dealer is spine-chillingly satisfying.

The scene is unforgettable and a major moment for the character, as Jimmy was arguably his strongest personal enemy in the show’s run, and to see Chibs first mark him with his iconic smile-scars before murdering the Irishman is a chilling moment for sure.

4 Wayne Unser Challenges Jax

Unser is not a character viewers immediately associate with the more exciting scenes of the show, however, the veteran cop has had his fair share of moments.

By far his most iconic scene was his confrontation with Jax at the garage in season 7, where, in complete contrast to his usual character, he mocks Jax and his behavior. Even more shocking for the usually quiet and feeble character, he dares Jax to shoot him, calling him out as a murderer in front of his fellow bikers, a truly iconic Unser moment, as it reminds fans that the old cop still possesses some strong moral principles.

3 Bobby Confronts Jax Over Murder

Bobby sitting on his new custom chopper bike in Sons of Anarchy

Bobby is one of the most caring of the Sons, a character who tries his best to set his friends like Jax and Clay on the right path using words of wisdom. Of course, then his most iconic scene should be the best example of that when he confronts Jax about the cold-blooded murder of the prison guard and his wife.

While Bobby lets the murders happen, he checks Jax afterward, the two almost coming to blows. The whole moment is exactly what Bobby’s character stands for throughout the show, helping friends make the right choices.

2 Opie’s Death

While it may seem weird a character’s most iconic scene could be their own death, Opie’s emotional and brutal final moments perfectly symbolized the character and his style -self-sacrificing and a good friend.

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When the Sons find out Damon Pope wants one of them dead, they begin to decide when suddenly Opie attacks a prison guard to make them pull him into the fight and save his friends. If this wasn’t already dramatic enough, his defeated last words to Jax, ”I got this”, are unforgettable. He is a man who has already lost everything and has decided to throw the remains of his life away to save the Sons.

1 Clay ‘Preach’

sons of anarchy

Clay is one of the most sarcastic, self-centred, and conniving characters on the show, so it’s only fitting his most iconic scene should be what is also perhaps his greatest ‘performance’.

Breaking into a full-on rant about the redeeming and holy qualities of ”sweet, sweet p*ssy”, the scene only manages to pull the viewer’s attention away from the interesting ‘preach’ when Clay suddenly bites off a chunk of flesh from a prison guard’s face. Besides being both hilarious and terrifying, the scene is also iconic, in that it symbolizes the more disturbed and evil side to Clay and what he can and has done to people repeatedly throughout the show.

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