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Every Bat-Family Member In Titans

While Titans may not have Batman around on a consistent basis, Bruce Wayne’s Bat-Family has been introduced in the last two seasons of the DC drama. When it comes to having the Dark Knight in live-action anywhere outside the movies, it is always tricky. Since the early days of Smallville, Batman has not been allowed to appear on any small-screen property due to Warner Bros. prioritizing the character for the big screen. Through the Arrowverse, Bruce has now been allowed to join the DC TV franchise, but in a limited capacity. Whether it is Kevin Conroy playing an Earth-99 version of Batman or Warren Christie’s Earth-Prime incarnation on Batwoman, there are still major restrictions to how much he can be featured beyond the films.

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However, when it comes to supporting players in the Bat-Family, the live-action properties have pretty much had free reign to use as many of them as possible. Batwoman has already introduced Kate Kane, Luke Fox/Batwing, Julia Pennyworth, and more recently, Stephanie Brown/Spoiler. While Arrowverse’s Bruce is still missing in action since many years back, he has popped up in various forms. On Titans, they have rapidly been introducing multiple players from the Batman universe, with Dick Grayson being one of the principal characters. That is not stopping anytime soon as Titans season 3 will see the Teen Titans-inspired drama relocate from San Francisco to Gotham City.

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Depending on how long Titans runs for, especially after its move from DC Universe to HBO Max, it would not be shocking if most of the Bat-Family members have either showed up or been referenced by the time the show ends. Which Bat-Family members exist in this universe, and who is coming in Titans season 3 now that the team is moving to Gotham City?

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Titans Batman Bruce Wayne Iain Glen

Batman doesn’t have a main role on Titans, but Bruce did sort of haunt the first season primarily through Dick. Throughout Titans season 1, Dick kept referencing how difficult it was to work with Batman when he was still Robin. Dick’s description of Batman in Titans season 1 made it sound like it was psychological torture working with the Caped Crusader.

In Titans season 2, Iain Glen was officially cast as the show’s Bruce, without ever having him in the Batsuit, likely because of the studio restrictions. Throughout the second season, Dick overcomes most of, if not all, of his demons, including the conflict he had with Bruce. While Glen had only a few appearances in season 2, it became clear that as the Titan’s Bruce Wayne/Batman, he was a lot more supportive towards Dick before he finally became Nightwing.

Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing

Titans Robin and Nightwing

Since the beginning of Titans, Dick has been one of the central characters as he is the one that puts together the new group of young heroes when Trigon was coming for Raven. Played by Brenton Thwaites, Dick’s arc in the first two seasons focused heavily on him having to escape being trapped in Batman’s shadows. From destroying the Robin costume to dealing with his troubled past involving Jericho, the first two years are not easy for the original Boy Wonder.

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In Titans season 2, Dick manages to bring the first and second generation of young heroes together as they take down Deathstroke, at least for now. In addition to that, Dick overcame his long-time inner demons and officially took on the Nightwing moniker. While he may have given up his legacy as the Boy Wonder, this is not the only Robin from the Bat-Family to make it into the show.

Alfred Pennyworth


Where Batman goes, his faithful guardian/butler Alfred Pennyworth is usually never far behind, and that is the case on Titans. Even though Alfred has been established to exist in the Titans universe, the iconic Bat-Family member has so far not appeared in the flesh. Instead, Alfred has been referenced a few times, while also being heard over the phone in Titans season 1.

When he initially took Raven under his wing when Trigon’s people were targeting her, Dick contacted Alfred for financial support. Unfortunately, even though Alfred’s voice was heard, it has so far not been clarified who did the voice work for the faithful butler. Perhaps now that the group is coming to Gotham City in Titans season 3, fans will maybe get to see Alfred physically appear.

Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood

Jason Todd Titans Red hood

Sometime after Dick abandoned his post as Batman’s sidekick, Jason Todd replaced him as the new Robin, played by Curran Walters. Jason got introduced in Titans season 1 as he came to Dick’s rescue when the latter was being brutally attacked. Despite Jason being stoked to meet the original Robin, Dick didn’t necessarily feel the same about seeing his successor, especially as he had no idea Batman had recruited a new Boy Wonder.

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In Titans season 2, Jason ended up having to join the revived superhero team, joining other new recruits like Doom Patrol absentee Beast Boy, Raven, Superboy, and Ravager. In true Jason fashion, the second Robin didn’t exactly get along with everyone, with Rose Wilson being one of the few ones he bonded with during the second season. However, Titans season 3 will see Jason ditch his Robin mantle as he will officially become Red Hood, who will serve as one of the main antagonists.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle

Savannah Welch Barbara Gordon Titans season 3

Even though Barbara Gordon was referenced in the Titans season 1 finale, it did not really count because it was part of Dick’s hallucination world. However, the real Barbara will be making her debut in Titans season 3, with Savannah Welch bringing her to life. This will be the first time Barbara appears in live-action since the short-lived Birds of Prey TV show in 2002 where Dina Meyer portrayed her. Welch’s Barbara will be slightly different from other versions of James Gordon’s famous daughter.

While Barbara was Batgirl in this continuity, she was shot and paralyzed by The Joker, which adapts The Killing Joke story. The Titans spin on Barbara will see her as the new Gotham City Police Department commissioner, as she has taken over for her father. When the Titans arrive in Gotham, Dick and Barbara will be rekindling their past romance. While they will also be working together again as crime-fighting partners, their relationship has been teased to be complicated.

Tim Drake/Robin III

Why stop at two Robins when Titans can have three? As Dick and Jason have been principal characters in the first two seasons, Titans season 3 is bringing Jay Lycurgo’s Tim Drake to life, another iconic Boy Wonder in the Bat-Family. Lycurgo will be the first actor ever to play Tim in a live-action property as he will be a recurring character in the third season. Whether or not Tim will suit up as the next Robin remains to be seen. Given that Dick is now Nightwing and Jason is about to become Red Hood, it would be out of character for Bruce not to find another Robin pronto.

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Titans’ official character description teases that Tim has a gifted detective mind while coming from the rougher parts of Gotham City. This is a significant departure from the comics as Tim is traditionally from a wealthy family that lives nearby Wayne Manor, making him and Bruce neighbors. If Titans’ Tim is set to become the third Robin, it will be interesting to see how he and Bruce cross paths. Similar to Welch’s Barbara, Lycurgo’s Tim will be recurring throughout Titans season 3.

With this many Bat-Family members already on the show, it’s interesting how they keep adding more and more players from Batman’s team. Even though it is not a guarantee that more Bat-Family characters will physically pop up, references may still be made. Whether it is Selina Kyle, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, or Cassandra Cain, Titans still have some Batman-related players to establish if they want to in future seasons.

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