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Every Xbox Game Pass Monthly Quest For July 2021

Each month, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can complete challenges and earn points toward rewards. There are 11 quests in July 2021, and four are new.

With the start of a new month, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to 11 new and recurring quests to earn more points toward Microsoft Store rewards. Every month, Xbox’s subscription gaming service, Game Pass, adds Daily, Weekly, and Monthly quests for subscribers to complete, usually related to specific games or to downloading and trying new games. For each quest they complete, subscribers earn Reward Points that can be used to purchase rewards like Sweepstakes entries, gift cards, and tech equipment from the Microsoft Store. The July 2021 monthly quest list has arrived, and in addition to recurring quests like completing a number of Daily and Weekly quests, players will also need to check out four games.

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For completing all 11 July 2021 Xbox Game Pass Quests, players can earn an extra 1,795 Reward Points to supplement the Points they earn from Daily and Weekly quests. Because they are often worth more, the monthly quests are also lengthier and more difficult to complete. Still, the ability to earn many Reward Points quickly can incentivize subscribers to try new games in the vast Game Pass catalog and potentially find a new favorite. Here are all the Xbox Game Pass monthly quests available in July 2021, both new and recurring, and how many Points players can earn for completing each one.

Xbox Game Pass Monthly Quests for July 2021

The new monthly Xbox Game Pass quests for July 2021 are related to specific games. Subscribers will need to download, install, and play Grand Theft Auto 5, Rainbow Six Seige, Grounded, and For Honor. The quests correspond to typical in-game activities, so it should not be too difficult to complete all the challenges and earn the Points.

The new Xbox Game Pass monthly quests include:

  • GTA5: Steal 10 Cars | 150 Points
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Seige: Play 2 Training Grounds Matches | 150 Points
  • Grounded: Earn 3 Achievements | 225 Points
  • For Honor: Complete one Objective | 75 Points

The most difficult of these quests is the Achievement quest for Grounded. This will be especially difficult for players who have already unlocked most of or all the Achievements in Grounded. Unless an update brings new Achievements, players with every Achievement unlocked will not be able to complete that quest.

Xbox Game Pass Trailer Desert

The recurring Xbox Game Pass monthly quests are always the same, requiring players to complete a number of Daily and Weekly quests, use the Xbox Game Pass mobile app, and try new games. Players will want to check the Game Pass page to learn about the Daily and Weekly quests.

The recurring Xbox Game Pass monthly quests include:

  • Game Pass Explorer: Play four different Game Pass games | 10 Points
  • Game Pass Adventurer: Play 10 different Game Pass games | 25 Points
  • Game Pass Games On The Go: Install five games using the Game Pass app | 25 Points
  • Quest Rookie: Complete four weekly quests this month | 10 Points
  • Quest Apprentice: Complete eight weekly quests this month | 25 Points
  • Quest Dedication: Complete 12 Daily and 12 Weekly quests this month | 100 Points
  • Quest Completionist: Complete 45 Daily and 15 Weekly quests this month | 1,000 Points

The final quest, Quest Completionist, is likely to be the most difficult, as it requires players to complete every quest during the month. It also provides the greatest payout. Players wanting to complete this quest and earn the 1,000 Points should keep a close eye on the Daily and Weekly quests on the Game Pass interface or mobile app.

Xbox Game Pass monthly quests are only available for Ultimate and Console plan subscribers. The Ultimate plan applies to console, PC, and mobile devices and costs $14.99 USD each month. The Console plan is only available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and costs $9.99 USD each month.

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Xbox Game Pass is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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