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Everything Included in the Director’s Cut

The new edition of Ghost of Tsushima will add a whole new area to the game, plus some exclusive features available only to PS5 players.

PlayStation has finally confirmed the release of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on August 20th, 2021. The new edition of the game will have new story content and new features, though what players get will depend on if they are playing on PS4 or PS5.

Critically-acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima was one of the last games released exclusively to the PS4 before the PS5 launched in 2020. The game was not only well-received with critics, but with players as well. As of March 2021,the completion rate for  Ghost of Tsushima was one of the highest for a game on the PS4, with over 50% of the game’s players having beaten the game. Ghost of Tsushima also won the Player’s Voice Award at The Game Awards 2020, an award that is based solely on public voting. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will mark the first time the game will have a specific PS5 release.

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PlayStation recently confirmed the release of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and detailed what the new release will include. The biggest announcement is the confirmation of new story DLC for both the PS4 and the PS5. The new edition of the Ghost of Tsushima will add Iki Island to the map, which will be a new area to explore full of new mini-games, enemy types, techniques, and more. Iki Island will be available to players who have reached Act 2 of the main game’s story. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will also include all previously released additional content that has been sold for the game in the past. All players of any version of Ghost of Tsushima will also see a new patch released for the game, which will add accessibility options for controller layouts, target lock-on during combat, and other features.

What Features in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut are Exclusive to PS5

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Revealed

Players of Ghost of Tsushima on the PS5 will see some exclusive features in their version of the game. PlayStation has confirmed they will be adding Japanese lip sync to the main game of Ghost of Tsushima, addressing one of the biggest complaints from players who preferred to play the Ghost of Tsushima with Japanese audio. This update is only available on the PS5 as that console’s “ability to render cinematics in real time,” makes the change possible. PS5 players will also have haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for the DualSense controllers, as well as improved load times, 4k resolution options, and framerates “targeting” 60 FPS.

PlayStation is still holding back a few surprises for fans, including teasing a new game mode they have not yet announced. PlayStation has also announced the tiers of pricing for both player’s looking to upgrade their copy of Ghost of Tsushima, or to buy the game for the first time on either the PS4 or the PS5. Prices range from $9.99 to simply upgrade a base PS4 copy to the new Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PS4, all the way to $69.99 for players buying a full copy on the PS5. $69.99 is a bit of steep price, but with the new content, those who haven’t tried the action and stealth of Ghost of Tsushima might want to consider jumping in now.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will release for the PS4 and the PS5 on August 20th, 2021.

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