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Fans Skeptical About Angela & Michael’s HEA Breakup

On a recent episode of HEA, Angela saw a lawyer asking about a divorce, but most fans don’t believe the 90 Day Fiancé star will go through with it.

On the last episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela Deem made it seem like she and her husband Michael Ilesanmi were done for good, but the bulk of viewers have their doubts. Many fans want Angela canceled and removed from the show for her abusive behavior towards Michael, though they don’t expect it to happen. Angela and Michael’s relationship has already been through a lot of ups and downs, and fans think their latest “breakup” is just another fake out.

After attempting to illegally hack and track Michael’s phone, Angela got into a screaming match with her husband and said she wanted to end the relationship. It might not have been an empty threat because in the next episode, Angela visited her lawyer Lou to inquire about a divorce. “I’ve had enough,” Angela commented, “me and Michael haven’t spoken since we broke up…we are done.Angela said she was “adamant about divorce,” though her lawyer urged her to think long and hard before ending her marriage.

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A recent Reddit poll asked fans to vote on whether they think Angela and Michael are “done for good” or if they “will get back together,” and the response was very one sided. Out of over 500 votes, nearly 75% believe Angela and Michael will not get divorced. “I doubt it’s over but realistically it should be,” one commenter said. Angela has threatened Michael with breakups in the past, and it appears most fans think things will play out the exact same way this time.

Angela Deem Michael Ilesami: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Although fans don’t expect this latest breakup to last, they wish, for Michael’s sake, that it would. “The amount of abuse that man endured is incredible,” a fan commented, and others felt that it would be better for Michael to get divorced and “find a beautiful Nigerian woman to start a family with.” Some brought up the sunk cost fallacy and speculated that Michael feels he has put too much time and energy into the relationship to walk away from it for good.

Angela has made awful comments to Michael, so it’s not hard to see why fans would want the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? couple to call it quits. However, fans have been burned before, and not just by Angela and Michael. Many franchise couples have “broken up” and reunited, and it’s no surprise that many fans are skeptical when a cast member says they are “done for good.” Angela and Michael’s storyline hasn’t wrapped up on the show yet, but if past behavior is any indication, the couple is most likely still together.

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