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Fast & Furious 9: 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

The Fast & Furious series has changed a lot from the original movies to today’s reboots. However, the one thing that’s remained the same is how consistent the franchise is at creating quotes that are instantly iconic. F9 continued this trend with new quotes that were equal parts funny, poignant, and cool.

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Dominic Toretto is a man of few words, but he makes it count whenever he has something to say, especially in his clash against his brother, Jakob. Additionally, almost every other character in F9 got one quote that fans would connect with, and it’s worth seeking out the best ones in the ninth installment of this long-running series.

10 “Do You Hate Him Enough That It Keeps You Up At Night?”

Jakob Toretto talks to Cipher in F9

Cipher certainly knows how to get into someone’s head, with Jakob being no exception. After he had her confined to her glass cell, Jakob attempted to strongarm Cipher, only for her to analyze his contempt for Dom and ask him if his hatred was true.

This was a foreshadowing of the fact that Jakob actually didn’t hate Dom and that their conflict was based upon misunderstanding and resentment instead. The fact that Jakob didn’t have an answer to this quote confirmed that there was more to things than they appeared.

9 “We Are Not Normal.”

Fast and Furious 9 Tej and Roman in space car

It was only a matter of time before the characters in the Fast & Furious movies had to acknowledge that things have become too impossible to believe. Roman referenced this in F9 by stating that the crew wasn’t normal, believing they had superpowers.

The funniest thing about this scene is that the lead-up made it appear as if Tej and Ramsey were even believing Roman’s claim, until Tej simply made fun of Roman for having such ridiculous beliefs. It was the movie’s way of alluding to fans’ jokes about the outrageous feats the characters have accomplished, and it was a hilarious approach.

8 “There’s Peace For Me In The Chaos.”

Dom and Letty in F9 The Fast Saga

It seemed like a pretty big change in character for Letty to settle down when she was one of the biggest adrenaline junkies in Dom’s crew. Letty ended up bringing this point forward in her conversation with Mia, admitting it was difficult for her to step away.

According to Letty, she understood the world better during all the chaos the protagonists took part in, especially due to how her mind had worked back when she’d been suffering from amnesia. This quote showed that moving on wasn’t as easy for the characters as fans may have believed.

7 “Say Hello To The 2-Second Car.”

The Fast & Furious series has been all about the “quarter-mile races” and using of 10-second cars to complete them. However, F9 upped the ante by presenting the “2-second car,” created by Tokyo Drift‘s Sean Boswell.

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Upon hearing these words, it became apparent that the movie was going to take things to the most extreme lengths and that this car would feature in the climax. In the scene where Sean introduces it, his claim was met with instant failure, as the car blew up just when he and his friends thought they’d pulled it off.

6 “Some Birds Can’t Be Caged.”

Fast and Furious 9 Magdalene Shaw Helen Mirren

Queenie’s appearances have been fleeting in the series, with her scene in the Hobbs & Shaw spin-off showing her to be in prison at the time. However, she was on the prowl for thievery in F9 again, as Dom met with her just when Queenie completed another robbery.

Dom showed that he respected Queenie’s grit, claiming she was the kind of bird who just couldn’t be caged as she lived for the thrill of the heist. Queenie proved this to be true as she took Dom to Jakob’s location, all the while evading the cops on their trail.

5 “This Is My Game. This Is My World.”

Fast and Furious 9 Jakob Toretto John Cena

Jakob had the most intriguing story arc of all the characters in F9, as he went from a full-on villain to someone worthy of sympathy. When Dom confronted Jakob, the latter claimed his brother was out of his element as the world itself belonged to Jakob.

This was his way of alluding to his possession of the Aries device that would have allowed Jakob to access any technology in the world. Not to mention that it sounded like a cool one-liner that suited a Fast & Furious villain.

4 “No One Outruns Their Past. And Yours Just Caught Up To You.”

Dom was successful in capturing Jakob near the climax of the movie, where he made it clear that his brother would have to answer for his crimes. Part of the change in Dom’s character is how he acknowledges his mistakes now, having once sought to run away from them as he did in the first movie.

The moment also saw Jakob in the same room with both Dom and Mia, proving that his past truly had caught up with him as this was the first time the siblings had been reunited in decades.

3 “I Never Thought I’d Lose Her To Love.”

Mr Nobody giving orders in Furious 7.

Giselle’s introduction to the group always did seem to come out of nowhere, with F9 revealing that she had actually been one of Mr. Nobody’s former agents and that’s how she was connected to Dom’s crew. In a flashback, Mr. Nobody spoke to Han, and he admitted he didn’t see her death coming.

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While Mr. Nobody never thought Giselle would remain alive against all the adversity she faced, he was surprised that she died in the name of love, as she had sacrificed herself to save Han in Fast & Furious 6.

2 “My Death Became The Best Way To Save Alive.”


Fans have been asking for justice for Han for over a decade by now and finally got it in F9. Here, Han revealed that he had faked his demise in order to keep his adoptive daughter safe. With Deckard Shaw out to get him, it made total sense why he went to these measures.

Moreover, with his daughter, Elle, being the key to the activation of the Aries device, Han had no choice but to make it appear as if he really was dead even to his friends as it was the only way to ensure that he could live without worrying about her life.

1 “Someone Once Gave Me A 10-Second Car As A Second Chance.”

Fast and Furious 9 Dominic Toretto and Jakob

F9 marked 20 years since the first movie’s release and featured a callback to Dom’s escape. When Jakob was about to go on the run, Dom handed him the keys to his car as a way of giving Jakob a second chance, as he had once received from Brian.

It was a way of making audiences see the similarities between Jakob and Dom and cement the change in Dom’s character, as he acknowledged that he had treated Jakob unfairly and wanted his brother to redeem himself.

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