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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Doesn’t Want To Show It Until Close To Release

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida noted in a recent interview that the team is holding another trailer until the game is close to release.

The team behind Final Fantasy 16 has stated that it doesn’t want to reveal much of the game until it’s on the verge of release. The much-anticipated Final Fantasy 16 was a pretty surprising reveal last year at one of the State of Play events leading up to the release of the PlayStation 5. Although a new entry in the series was expected to be on the way, the maturity and imminent nature of Final Fantasy 16 made it a highlight of the show, and the relative silence on the title since then has been disappointing for eager fans.

Many were hoping to see Final Fantasy 16 at E3, but it was a no show, which made many assume that the upcoming TGS 2021 would mark the next appearance of the upcoming RPG. Now, it seems like the game won’t appear there either. This news comes from the producer, who was all but definitive in his denial of the game’s appearance at the show. Many are craving a new look at the game, but producer Naoki Yoshida has stated that the team is waiting to show more of the game until it’s about to release.

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According to a video translated by Twitter user aitakimochi, Yoshida stated he wants people to immediately want to purchase Final Fantasy 16 next time its shown and then have the ability to quickly do so. The PlayStation Store recently changed the store page for Final Fantasy 16 to note that its release date is “coming soon,” which likely indicates that fans will hear more soon about its expected 2022 release date. He also noted that he doesn’t like when publishers string gamers along with little bits of info. Instead, he just wants to deliver something quickly, so the next time the game is shown, it’ll likely be released a few months after.

Development of Final Fantasy 16 does seem to be progressing incredibly well, as the game is reportedly nearing completion with voice recording sessions, and other substantial elements of the game are apparently set in stone. Of course, there’s still a lot to be done and there’s no telling when exactly the game will release until the development team announces the date. It certainly seems like fans have cause to be optimistic, though.

Prospective players are also hoping that perhaps Final Fantasy 16 will come to other platforms after it releases, as Sony may have a timed exclusivity on it for PS5. Many Final Fantasy games have made their way to Xbox over the years, but Final Fantasy 7 Remake is still seemingly in a grey area regarding its timed exclusivity as Square Enix has yet to announce a port for other consoles. News on these ports and on the release date of Final Fantasy 16 may not be forthcoming, but there still looks to be some substantial Final Fantasy developments on the horizon.

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Source: aitaikimochi/Twitter

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