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GTA Online Soccer Talk Show Interrupted By Griefers

Grand Theft Auto Online players worked hard to prevent content creator Rustic Mascara from hosting a soccer talk show about the Euros tournament.

It turns out hosting a live talk show on Grand Theft Auto Online is quite a difficult challenge. Grand Theft Auto Online released back in 2013 following the successful launch of Grand Theft Auto V.  The game has gone on to become another popular addition to Rockstar’s major franchise. The action-adventure multiplayer is essentially a creative sandbox where virtually anything can happen. The developers laid the foundations early on for exploration and this has fuelled total creativity. This has led to several modders using the game as a sounding board for other creations such as roleplaying servers. This constant process of refinement continues to keep the game looking and feeling fresh.

Grand Theft Auto Online is now much more dynamic and fluid thanks to a series of regular content updates being added by Rockstar. The developer has been consistent in its emphasis on regularly providing new weapons, outfits and vehicles. This has helped keep the game exciting for its dedicated community of gamers. The updates have encouraged players to continue pushing the game’s limits as well. The online game provides a platform through which players can continue moving higher in the criminal underworld or engage in their own activities throughout San Andreas. This can even include live talk shows, as one player recently discovered how others react to the spectacle.

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According to PCGamesN, Grand Theft Auto Online content creator Rustic Mascara ran into some trouble when trying to host a live talk show while playing Grand Theft Auto Online. The idea was to chat about England’s recent triumph over Germany at the current UEFA European Championship tournament, also known as the Euros. The tournament features all of the best national teams across Europe competing to be recognized as the continental champion. However, it seems other players were having none of it as the hosts were repeatedly interrupted by missiles and sniper rifle fire. Rustic Mascara posted a video of the mishaps to their YouTube channel.

As popular as Grand Theft Auto Online remains, it is set to undergo some significant changes. Rockstar announced earlier this month that GTA Online will not receive any more Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 updates. Players will still be able to play story mode but will no longer have online access beginning on December 16th later this year. With that being said, players on more modern platforms can of course continue causing chaos in San Andreas.

The lack of a rigid structure represents a major part of Rockstar’s most popular video games. It is what attracts so many players to the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises. Many users want to have the freedom to make their own choices. These games offer plenty of tasks but balance this by offering suitable rewards and giving players the ability to accomplish the quest at hand any way they deem fit.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Sources: PCGamesNRustic Mascara/YouTube

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