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“Halloween” 1-5 Gets A 4K Box-Set

Halloween 1 5 Gets A 4k Box Set

Scream Factory has announced that they will release the first five of the eight original “Halloween” films on 4K UHD on September 28th.

The box-set will include John Carpenter’s original “Halloween,” along with “Halloween II,” “Halloween III: Season of the Witch,” “Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers,” and “Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers”.

All five films offer a new 4K Scan from the original negative, the first three approved by cinematographer Dean Cundey, along with all five scoring new Dolby Atmos tracks.

Each UHD will offer two commentary tracks and regular Blu-rays with the same content along with previously released trailers, deleted scenes, featurettes, and in numerous cases SD Television Cuts of the film.

Scream Factory is also teaming with Sacred Bones records for box sets for the first three films that include 7″ soundtracks on vinyl.

Source: Scream Factory

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