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Hardy Credited For “Venom” Sequel Story

The upcoming Marvel Comics-inspired antihero sequel “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” won’t just have Tom Hardy credited as its star, but will also list him in the film’s writing credits.

Speaking to Empire, the film’s main writer Kelly Marcel revealed Hardy will be getting his first-ever ‘story by’ credit on the work as he spent a long time working on the script and story with her.

She tells the outlet: “This is new for him, to get credit, but it’s not new for him to be this involved. He’s absolutely 100 percent committed to everything that he does. He’s married to Venom. He loves this character. He’s very involved in what he thinks should happen.”

She goes on to reveal Hardy didn’t “get a pen and write” but rather they spent months breaking the story, riffing on ideas, seeing what worked and what didn’t. She then took all their notes and spent three months knocking out the script.

The next chapter in the franchise sees the introduction of the villain Carnage (Woody Harrelson). Andy Serkis helms the film which will open in cinemas on September 24th.

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