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Hilton Turns Chef In “Cooking With Paris”

Hilton Turns Chef In Cooking With Paris

Netflix has set “Cooking With Paris,” a new half-hour amateur cooking series starring hotel heiress and business mogul Paris Hilton.

The six-episode series will feature her finding her way around the kitchen with the help of her famous friends as they prepare meals from the grocery store to a finished table spread. Along the way they will navigate new ingredients, new recipes and exotic kitchen appliances.

The series will offer a new spin on the traditional cooking show as Hilton is not a trained chef and doesn’t really know how to cook. She does know how to throw a party and show off some glam kitchen wardrobe though.

Inspired by the January 2020 YouTube video which went viral, “Cooking With Paris” will launch globally on the streamer on August 4th. Hilton, Aaron Saidman, Eli Holzman and Rebecca Hertz will executive produce.

The heiress is coming off last year’s documentary “This Is Paris” showing a very raw, different side of her life. That film, which subsequently was released on YouTube, earned rave reviews.

Source: Variety

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