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How Diablo 4’s Character Customization Compares To Other RPGs

Last month’s Diablo 4 quarterly update focused on character design, and in particular it touched on how character customization will work in the game.

The latest quarterly developer update for Diablo 4 was released recently, and in particular it shone a spotlight on character art – including that of player characters. Diablo‘s classes are often considered noteworthy for their distinct individual designs, and it seems that the latest entry in the series is aiming to continue that principle. Although the brief glimpse of Diablo 4‘s approach to character customization is far from all-encompassing, it does give fans a general sense of where the game will be heading in that regard.

The game’s quarterly updates have been largely provided in the form of blog posts, one of which was published on June 30 to finally provide details about Diablo 4‘s character customization. Other topics that were discussed included monster design and the studio’s focus when it comes to Diablo‘s artistic direction. Diablo 4‘s character customization system is something that’s entirely new to the series, at least in terms of creative scope and technical intensity, which means it faces the challenge of learning and borrowing from other RPGs with similar features while still staying true to the spirit of the Diablo franchise.

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Diablo 4‘s classes have arguably always had unique designs that are full of personality, so much so that some players take their main Diablo class personally. Whether it’s because of their preferred playstyle or because of the character’s individual story and visual aspects, almost every Diablo player has a favorite class, and it seems that the series’ artistic design takes this into account. Although one player’s Barbarian may look different than someone else’s, they should still look and feel distinctly like a Barbarian regardless. This tactic is relatively innovative when it comes to RPG design.

Diablo 4 Keeps Classes Unique While Allowing Player Freedom

How Diablo 4’s Character Customization Compares To Other RPGs

In previous Diablo titles, players were allowed to customize and dye their armor as well as change the gender and name of their player character upon first creating them. Armor sets also varied between each of the classes included in the game. Beyond that, however, there were little customization options available. It appears, however, that Diablo 4‘s customization system will be massively overhauled, allowing for everything from different body types to eyebrows or facial piercings. Along with this will come some of the features that are typical for Diablo games; players can mix-and-match armor sets that are unique to their class, and they’ll once again have access to the dye system.

Diablo 4 stands out by taking its class-exclusive character elements to the next level, limiting some hairstyles, body markings, and other items as specific to one class or another. This helps to keep each different character feeling unique and distinct on top of the hundreds of individual armor pieces that each class will be provided with. Although it’s currently unknown how many and which of the previous games’ classes will be returning to Diablo 4, those that are included will almost certainly be given unique physical traits and customization opportunities to help set them apart from the others. As more details are revealed about Diablo 4‘s development progress, it’s likely fans will also eventually get another look at the character art of the game.

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