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How to Play the Loki Role Mod in Among Us

The God of Mischief infiltrates Among Us in the new Loki Impostor Role Mod. He can create chaos by mind-controlling and teleporting crewmates.

Fanmade Role Mods often bring popular characters to Among Us as the Impostor, and the Loki Role Mod introduces the God of Mischief to Innersloth’s popular social deduction game. The Among Us Loki Role Mod allows the Impostor to cause chaos for the crewmates with new abilities and a special mini-game. Similar to other superhero and villain Among Us Role Mods, the new abilities Impostors get as Loki correspond to some of the character’s most iconic powers, like teleporting with the Tesseract or using mind control. In the mini-game, crewmates may be able to outwit Loki’s schemes and prevent one another from being killed in the chaotic, Purge-style deathmatch.

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Though there are plenty of new and creative ways for Impostors to kill crewmates with the Among Us Loki role mod, it is also still possible for crewmates to win by completing tasks or deducing the identity of the Impostor before time runs out. Like other overpowered Among Us Impostor Role Mods, however, the goal is less about social deduction and competition between crewmates and Impostors, and more about being creative with new abilities and laughing among friends. Here’s how to play the Loki Role Mod in Among Us.

How to Play As Loki in Among Us

The Among Us Loki Role mod was created by LoafX and Lookumz for SSundee and his friends and is currently not available for public download. Players may have luck getting into a game that uses this mod by joining a server that has it installed. Players can also always try their hand at programming a version. It is also possible that, given its popularity, other modders will eventually program a version of this mod and make it available for wider use.

When a crewmate is chosen to be the Impostor in Among Us with the Loki Role Mod installed, they will gain new abilities for creative sabotages and kills, including:

  • Transform: The Impostor trades the typical crewmate sprite look for a new Loki costume based on his 2012 Avengers film look. All crewmates can see this change take effect, so Impostors should make sure they are alone or the lights are down.
  • Tesseract: The Impostor can teleport themselves or another crewmate from a mini-menu anywhere else on the map.
  • Illusion: Loki can call a mass Purge mini-game event. All crewmates will need to try and stab one another until only one remains. For added chaos, every crewmate transforms into a copy of the Loki sprite. The Impostor Loki can select one crewmate from a menu, and whoever that crewmate stabs first will remain dead, with an animated “replay” of the kill shown to all crewmates at the end of the mini-game. If the selected crewmate is killed before they can stab another crewmate, no one dies. Any crewmates who were not killed will respawn with their original appearance near the Emergency Button once there is only one Loki standing.
  • Fake-Stab: During the Illusion mini-game, the Impostor can stab a crewmate to avoid suspicion. This fake stab does not result in a kill unless the Impostor chooses themselves from the menu.
  • Mind-Control: The Impostor Loki can turn invisible and take control of another crewmate. While in control, they can walk around as this crewmate and use the Kill button to publicly kill another crewmate. Mind-control kills can only be done with the Kill button and will always have a body to report.
  • Spawn-Guard: Loki can place a Guard anywhere on the map. If a crewmate gets too close to the Guard, it will shoot and kill the crewmate. This kill does not leave a body to report.

As the Impostor, Loki can also zoom out to see the entire map and every crewmate’s location on it, making it easier to teleport, spawn guards, set up combos, and get around. While transformed into Loki, Impostors have access to Tesseract, Fake-Stab, Spawn-Guard, and Mind-Control. While still using the traditional crewmate sprite, they will only have access to Tesseract and Illusion. Impostors also still have access to the regular Sabotage and Kill buttons. The best sabotages to use with the Loki Impostor Role mod include lights for Transform, doors for Spawn-Guard, and reactors. Reactors are particularly useful for luring crewmates to one area, then using Mind-Control to have one kill another in front of witnesses.

Only kills done with Mind-Control will leave a body for crewmates to report. Crewmates should take advantage of this ability, which will allow them to call meetings and stop some of the chaos for a chance to catch their breath. During meetings, crewmates should do their best to figure out the identity of the Impostor and vote them out, as the ability for Loki to frequently use the Illusion mini-game ability and pull crewmates into a brawl can make it difficult to win by completing tasks.

Players can see the Loki Role mod used in an Among Us match in SSundee’s video below:

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Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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