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How to Unlock Scars in Sea of Thieves

A small guide explaining how to obtain scars in Sea of Thieves. Requiring players to meet certain criteria, most scars can be found in vanity chests.

Allowing players to go on sea hijinks, Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer pirate-themed game developed by Rare and Microsoft Studios. From collecting treasure to fighting skeletons, the game encourages players to team up and have their own adventures on the high seas. Embracing a cartoonish style of the game, players can also perform wacky actions like shooting themselves out of canons and playing instruments underwater to add another fun element to the game.

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But as with several other games, the game also features a wide variety of cosmetic options to help customize player characters. From beards to pirate hooks, several of these so-called “Vanity Items” can be bought from a General Clothing Shop. But there are quite a few that can only be obtained under certain conditions. One cosmetic item type that often requires these additional requirements is scars.

How to Unlock Scars in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Devil's Roar Erupting Volcano

Provided that certain criteria are met, all scars can be equipped when a player visits a Vanity Chest. They are often found on ships and by the aforementioned General Clothing Store. The currently available scars and the criteria needed to obtain them are listed below:

  • Scar of the Blue Horizon: During Season 3, reach Renown level 100
  • Scars of the Ocean Deep: During Season 2, reach Renown level 100
  • Shroudbreaker Scar: During Season 1, reach Renown level 100
  • Bonecrasher Scars: Conquer all 3 battles in the Cursed Sails limited campaign
  • Forsaken Ashes Scars: Obtain the Master Devil’s Voyager commendation
  • Shark Bonebite Scars: In the Hungering Deep limited campaign, defeat the Hungering One and talk with Merrik

Notably, most scars are tied to either previous seasons or special campaigns that were only available for a limited time. But for right now, the only scars new players can obtain are the Scar of the Blue Horizon and Forsaken Ashes Scars.

Of those two, obtaining the Scar of the Blue Horizon is likely the easiest since renown can be obtained in a variety of ways. This includes actions like visiting islands, collecting treasure, and completing trials. Since a lot of these activities are ones the players will be doing in any substantial gameplay, gaining renown in this way will be fairly easy for players who explore and sail around a lot.

The Forsaken Ashes Scars, however, are substantially more difficult to acquire. Requiring the player to obtain all “Devil Voyager” commendations, this effectively means that the player must complete 5 Devil’s Roar Voyages for both the Gold Hoarders and the Order of Souls. Taking place in a region where volcano eruptions and earthquakes are common, it is incredibly easy for ships to sink before the player can obtain a single treasure chest. So it is best to work with a crew while trying to perform any voyage. It’s safer and easier that way.

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Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One or any PC that uses Windows 10

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