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Hulu Is The Most Watched U.S. SVOD

Comcast In Talks To Sell Hulu Stake To Disney

In a virtual presentation this past week, ratings analytics firms Nielsen shared some statistics on the U.S. SVOD market with Hulu coming out a winner in one key aspect.

In May, Hulu reportedly had the most average viewing minutes per day of any major service at 130 minutes – above YouTube (128 mins), Netflix (110 mins), Amazon Prime (97 mins) and Disney+ (89 mins). That comes as Netflix still retains more than double the subscriber numbers on average than Hulu.

Age is a big separator in regards to viewing. Only 14% of people aged 34 and under watched regular old linear TV in May, that particular form of media consumption is dominated by the age 55+ set who account for 61% of linear TV consumption. That age group is also the biggest consumer of Amazon Prime (39%).

For the sub-17 crowd, Disney+ is where it’s at and accounted for 43% of all that service’s viewing. For both the 18-34 and 35-54 crowd, Hulu was the biggest service with them accounting for 33% and 35% of users respectively. Those two demos are pretty closely matched on all SVOD services bar Amazon Prime which skews decidedly older than the other services.

Subscription VOD remains the dominant form of streaming, accounting for 52% of total streams. Ad-Supported VOD was next with 27%, MVPD and vMVPDs (eg. DirecTV, DISH, Sling TV, Youtube TV) were 10%, and linear streaming is in single-digit percentages but growing.

Source: Deadline

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