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iCarly Star Reveals His Weirdest Fan Encounter Is When A Fan Fainted On Him

iCarly reboot star Nathan Kress has opened up about his weirdest fan encounter. He revealed that once a fan fainted on him during an autograph signing.

iCarly star Nathan Kress has revealed what his craziest fan encounter was like. Nickelodeon’s pop-culture staple, the original iCarly premiered in 2007 and ran for five seasons through 2012. The popular teen sitcom focused on the antics of Cosgrove’s Carly, as she, along with her best friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress), creates a web show in the basement of her brother Spencer’s (Jerry Trainor) apartment loft. The webcast becomes an overnight hit, turning Carly and her friends into sensational stars. While iCarly may have ended around a decade ago, admiration for the show has remained reasonably steady. That’s why when Paramount+ revived the series earlier this month, the response from fans was largely enthusiastic.

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The fact that the iCarly reboot is doing so well despite its characters being away from TV for over 10 years is just one proof of how massively popular the original show was. Nickelodeon’s iCarly wasn’t just a bonafide sensation in the world of TV sitcoms, in fact, it was a cultural phenomenon that defined the teen years of its ardent fans and viewers. For its original network, iCarly fetched the second-highest viewership in telecast history, while also bringing home several accolades from across various award shows. It’s therefore not surprising that the show was expanded into an entire franchise, spanning video game adaptations, TV movies, spin-offs, websites, and even some music. The show’s selection of wacky characters also became household names, with fans adoring their comedic performances and fulfilling story arcs. And the stars, who played those characters, were, of course, very popular during those prime years, and they often had run-ins with fans who’d do anything to simply share a moment with them.

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Recently iCarly star Nathan Kress opened about his craziest fan encounter during a conversation with IMDb. The actor said that he once literally had a fan faint on him, which expectedly is the strangest thing he has ever experienced during his entire career. Getting into the details, Kress said that the incident occurred during an autograph signing. A girl had approached Kress to get his signature, but even before the two could have a word, she passed out before him, catching him off guard. Read what Kress said about the bizarre rendezvous below.

“At an autograph signing I had a girl come up, and before saying a word, she did a very pronounced, ‘Oh,’ turns out she was actually fully passing out.” 

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Interestingly, apart from that one occasion, Kress has never had trouble interacting with fans and being out in the public. In fact, when he was doing the original iCarly, he would easily go incognito by donning a hat and shades, and his fans would simply fail to recognize him. And even when people did spot him, they’d approach him nicely and the actor would then reciprocate the same emotions while meeting them. Kress has a solid reputation for honoring and loving his admirers. As a matter of fact, in 2017 he sent a handwritten note to a fan and her sister after he discovered fan mail they had sent before iCarly‘s final season.

Having a fan collapse at one’s sight means a job well done for an actor. And when it comes to the swaggy nerd Freddie Benson, it’s hardly surprising that a fan dropped on the floor at his first real-life glance. Of course, over the years Freddie and Kress’ popularity has somewhat diminished as the character was away from the screen for so long, and the actor too did not take up any main roles in any well-known projects. But now, with the return of iCarly, Kress is back on the frontlines, and with the show doing so well, the actor should really brace himself for more quirky fan encounters.

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Source: IMDb

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