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Ice Cube & Warner Bros Are At Odds Over The Friday Movie Franchise

A new report reveals that Ice Cube and Warner Bros. are currently at odds regarding the rights to the Friday franchise and its fourth installment.

A new report reveals that Ice Cube and Warner Bros. are currently at odds regarding the rights to the Friday franchise and its fourth installment. The film series centers on perpetually unemployed slacker Craig Jones, played by Ice Cube, and the misadventures of his friends and family on the titular weekday in South Central Los Angeles. The stoner trilogy has garnered a large cult following throughout the years, despite the latter two installments receiving negative reviews from fans.

Alongside Cube, the cast for the trilogy included John Witherspoon, Anna Maria Hosford, Tiny “Zeus” Lister Jr., Don “D.C.” Curry, and Clifton Powell. The franchise also acted as the career launchpads or debuts for a number of big names including Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Bernie Mac, Nia Long, Regina King, Faizon Love, Katt Williams, and Terry Crews. A fourth and final film has been in the works for over a decade with the original cast set to return, though due to differences between WB and Ice Cube and the passing of both Lister Jr. and Witherspoon, it has hit a number of speed bumps over the years.

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Ice Cube had previously taken to Instagram in February to share a message asking for the Friday rights to be freed from “the jaws” of Warner Bros. Now, a new report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that the star/writer/producer and studio are currently at odds with one another over the future of the series, with both sides pointing the finger at one another about the creative direction of the next film and sincerity over making it. Believing WB is dragging their feet in getting it produced, Ice Cube is pushing for the rights to the franchise as well as All About the Benjamins and The Players Club, both produced by Warner subsidiary New Line Cinema, which the studio is calling an “extortionate” demand and refusing to relinquish.

Ice Cube and Mike Epps in Friday After Next

With no clear answer as to who’s to blame in regards to the elongated development of the final installment, currently titled Last Friday, it’s hard to know which side to take in this standoff. Given Ice Cube has acted as a producer on the franchise alongside being its co-creator, writer, and star, it’s understandable he’d want to take the rights to the films. Plus, with all the trouble WB gave Zack Snyder and the folks at DC Films over the direction of the DC Extended Universe, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that the studio is offering too many unfair notes regarding the future of the franchise.

The original Friday film was more than just a stoner classic thanks to its relatively low-key crass humor and some of its richer character moments. Though its sequels might not have been able to clear their predecessor’s high bar, they still managed to deliver the energetic humor fans came to expect from Ice Cube’s writing and its roster of characters, and what isn’t broken doesn’t need fixing. The extent of his requests could very well be a bit too extreme, but given the excessive time audiences have been waiting to see Ice Cube and co. return for one final outing, only time will tell if he and WB can settle their disagreements and deliver the long-awaited Last Friday.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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