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James Bond’s Twitter Seems to Join in on The Daniel Craig Weeknd Meme

After the spread of the meme created between actor Daniel Craig and The Weeknd from SNL, the James Bond Twitter account gets in on the joke.

The official Twitter page for James Bond promoting the latest film, No Time to Die, posted a meme in response to one that went viral involving Daniel Craig and The Weeknd. Also known as Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, The Weeknd is a wildly successful award-winning music artist. In addition to being a Grammy Award-winning artist, he also headlined the Super Bowl LV halftime show in 2021. Additionally, he will be writing and starring in an upcoming HBO show, The Idol.

Following the previous film, Spectre, the upcoming Bond installment follows the lead character after he’s no longer an active agent. When a familiar face shows up to ask for his help, he returns to action to pursue a new villain, who has some very dangerous technology. It was originally supposed to be released in November 2019 but had a few delays, which landed it in 202o. Similar to many other films slated during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, No Time to Die‘s release date was once again delayed. It’s now scheduled for October 8, 2021.

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The original meme is a very simple one that has certainly gone viral. Every Friday evening, Twitter account @CraigWeekend posts a short clip of Daniel Craig on Saturday Night Live, where he introduces The Weeknd. The meme is interpreted to celebrate each upcoming weekend. The official James Bond Twitter account @007 got in on the fun by posting a video of their own. See below for the original meme and the response from the Bond account:

Click Here To See The Original Post

Click Here To See The Original Post

The original meme is funny, largely due to Craig’s delivery in his introduction of the music artist. The official Bond Twitter is clearly trying to be a part of the meme. Instead of Craig’s indifferent shrug, it appears that this weekend, we’re pulling stunts and crashing right into the weekend. While it isn’t quite as amusing as the original “ladies & gentlemen” meme, it certainly is a calling card back to it that will make people want to refer to it once again.

With the release date for No Time to Die having been pushed so many times, any Bond content is welcome. Now that it finally has a confirmed date in October, fans of the series have the excitement in reach. With Craig currently filming Knives Out 2, there’s going to be plenty of content from him coming up in the future. Until then, there’s always the “ladies & gentlemen” meme that can be enjoyed every Friday evening after work.

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Source: @CraigWeekend, @007

  • No Time to Die/James Bond 25 (2021)Release date: Oct 08, 2021

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