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John Carpenter’s Halloween is Getting a Pinball Machine

Spooky Pinball announces that John Carpenter’s 1978 horror slasher classic Halloween will be getting a pinball machine in the foreseeable future.

Spooky Pinball is giving John Carpenter’s Halloween the pinball machine treatment. In 1978, horror icon John Carpenter released Halloween, which would go on to become one of the most recognized films in its genre. The original follows Michael Myers (a.k.a The Shape) fifteen years after killing his sister on Halloween. After escaping from a mental facility, he comes back home to continue his streak of horror in Haddonfield, Illinois.

The slasher film would ultimately end up spawning eight sequels, two reboot films by Rob Zombie, and a brand new trilogy produced by Blumhouse Productions. The franchise is currently in the spotlight, given the fact that the trailer to the second film of the trilogy, Halloween Kills, was recently released. The franchise has inspired countless merchandise, novels, and comics, which continue to be purchased by its very dedicated fanbase. While the original and the 2018 Halloween have received critical acclaim, the remainder of the series has received mixed or negative reception.

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Collider pointed to the Spooky Pinball YouTube channel, where they made the exciting announcement for a Halloween pinball machine. The video immediately starts playing the classic score to the 1978 original film. The picture slowly zooms out to reveal the Halloween title, along with the popular tagline, “The night he came home…,” but is then followed by “And now he is coming to your home…” The video is more of a teaser to get people hyped, as nothing concrete is shown. See below for a comment from the game’s artist, Jason Edmiston, and for the teaser video:

I am very proud to help roll out the project I’ve been working on for a year and a half. For the FIRST time ever: HALLOWEEN PINBALL. I am a massive fan of this franchise, and it was a true labor of love. Working closely with the Spooky team, and the Halloween licensing family, we created an exceptional machine as a true team effort. I created all the 2D art for this machine, inside and out, and helped conceptualize some of the 3D game mechanics. I can’t wait to reveal the rest of the art. Stay tuned! The night HE comes home to your arcade. Go to shop.spookypinball to get your Fang Club memberships for early access to purchase game SOON.

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This isn’t the first pop culture-related pinball machine that Spooky Pinball has put out. Previously, they have put out machines for Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty and Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International. While the market for pinball machines is likely not the largest, it still has a dedicated following. They hold a nostalgic quality, and experiencing all of the attention to detail in these machines is always fun. Over the course of the next two Halloween films being released in theaters, there’s likely to be a whole lot more merchandise coming out.

With no price tag or other concrete details announced quite yet, it looks like Spooky Pinball is simply looking to generate some excitement from Halloween fans. Oftentimes, competing companies would release a glimpse of the pinball machine to give folks an idea of what it will look like, but in this case, is all we have is a teaser. However, Edmiston’s statement gives hope that there will be more to come soon, as well as a way to get early access for those interested in making the purchase.

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Source: Collider, Spooky Pinball

  • Halloween Kills (2021)Release date: Oct 15, 2021
  • Halloween Ends (2022)Release date: Oct 14, 2022

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