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Jovi’s Shocking Reaction To His New House In The Suburbs

Jovi loves to be around the bars and city where all the action happens. He is shocked to see the new house that his wife Yara has picked for them.

The upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After shows that Jovi Dufren is disappointed to see his new home in the middle of nowhere. Many viewers may know that Jovi loves his party boy lifestyle and likes to live near strip clubs and bars. But his wife Yara Zaya has now decided to live in a more family-friendly neighborhood which is drastically different from downtown New Orleans. Yara never enjoyed living in NOLA and claimed that someone once puked in her shoes.

After having her daughter, she was looking forward to moving to a quieter place. So when Jovi told Yara that the lease of his apartment was almost over, she got the perfect opportunity to move out of the city. New Orleans-raised Jovi said he liked living near the city where all the action happens. But Yara shut him down and said she doesn’t care what he wants. She refused to give Jovi a choice and didn’t consider his preferences for the new house.

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During a confessional, the Ukrainian native said that since her husband is working most of the time, she is the one who has to live by herself.  She wanted to live somewhere where she would feel safe with her newborn baby. She looked for houses in the suburbs and shifted there with help from Jovi’s family. After four long months, Jovi is now back from his work. He was super excited to see his daughter, wife, mom and dad at the airport. But his excitement turned into disappointment when Yara welcomed him into their new house in the woods. Check out the short clip below posted on Reddit:

Jovi wasn’t thrilled to see that a new couch replaced his old one. Yara explained that his old couch had some dirt stains that didn’t come out even when she tried to wash it. When Jovi complained, she said, “It is better than the old couch with so many diseases.The 26-year-old Yara saw that Jovi wasn’t excited to see the new house and asked, “You don’t like it?” Jovi looked unhappy but responded, “It is ok.” While talking to the cameras, he revealed his first impression of the house.

He said, “This looks ok. This looks nice. But where are we? We are literally in the middle of the woods.” Jovi affirmed that he couldn’t live in the middle of nowhere. Gwen had an inkling that Jovi may not like their new place as it is quite different from his city life. It would be quite interesting to see how Jovi would adapt to this new environment. The spoilers suggest that Jovi and Yara get into a big fight towards the end of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 6.

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