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Justice League Unlimited’s Most Powerful Supervillain is Returning

In Justice League Infinity #1, an iconic villain from the animated series is returning, however, they aren’t back to try and destroy anything!

Warning: includes a preview for Justice League Infinity #1!

Justice League Unlimited‘s most powerful android, Amazo, is returning. The series will act as a sequel to the Justice League Unlimited animated show, expanding on the established continuity. It promises to be large in scale as the Justice League prepares to discover the multiverse for the first time. The League’s heroes will be coming face to face with their alternate counterparts, however, that’s not all that will excite fans as it’s been confirmed that big characters from the past will be returning.

Amazo has been heavily underutilized by DC Comics. Apart from his role in Justice League Unlimited, there have been no major comic runs that focus on him, despite the fact that he may be one of DC’s most powerful villains. He is able to harness the entire Justice League roster’s powers. Imagine the raw power that Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash have when combined together. So it’s great to see Amazo back and hopefully in a more prominent position.

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DC Comics has released the first look at Justice League Infinity #1 by James Tucker, J.M. DeMatteis, and Ethen Beavers. It shows the return of Amazo as he soars through space. As he reaches the edge of known space, Amazo is recognized by a Najarran worker. The preview mentions that most people were afraid to even speak Amazo’s name, much like Voldemort in Harry Potter. It seems he has become a feared legend, however, not everything is as it seems. Check out the preview pages below:

As the Justice League Unlimited version of Amazo flies through occupied territory he is shot at by rockets with enough power to wipe out an entire solar system. This proves how scared everyone is that they are willing to use their finest and most destructive weapons to try and take down Amazo. He has become synonymous with annihilation and the citizens of Najarran are filled with fear that they are next. Unknown to everyone, Amazo isn’t there to destroy or hurt anyone. It’s revealed that he had come seeking answers about his existential crisis. Since he left Earth, Amazo has become lonely and overcome with humanistic emotions. It looks like Amazo is becoming more and more human.

Justice League Infinity will explore Amazo in a way that Justice League Unlimited never did. Amazo must find himself an exit out of the cracked mirror, which he is trapped in. His prison can be seen as a replica of how Amazo feels. Naturally, Amazo’s mind is fragmented in hundreds of shards as he tries to grasp his meaning. Almost all androids and artificial intelligence in comics end up questioning their existence. This would be the same for any person who is even slightly broken, but for someone as twisted as Amazo, the cracked mirror will take a lot more effort to escape from. Justice League Infinity #1 releases on July 6.

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