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Kailyn Reveals Moment She’ll ‘Regret for the Rest of Her Life’

Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry revealed the exact moment she’ll “regret for the rest of her life” on her podcast and wishes she had made better choices.

Kailyn Lowry has revealed the exact moment she’ll ‘regret for the rest of her life.’ The Teen Mom 2 star spoke out on her podcast, expressing she wished she made better choices. Since its inception, Lowry has been on the show, and fans have watched her grow from a teenager into a full-blown adult.

The MTV personality has gone through three messy breakups and one marriage, but she is still trying to be positive about her future. Currently, fans are watching her try to build her forever home in Delaware while none of her baby daddies want to film on the show. Lowry has been called out for her domestic violence incident against Chris Lopez, where she punched him for cutting their son, Lux’s, hair without permission. Right now, the mother feels she has every right to pick and choose what is filmed while also trying to become a producer on the show.

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Lowry has had a few dramatic moments in her MTV career, but none affected her like when she pushed her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, on camera. She spoke out on her podcast, Coffee Convos, which she co-hosts with Lindsie Chrisley. Even though the mother of four expressed her views on production editing, she did reveal it was one of her lowest moments. She told listeners, “The whole thing with the Javi incident back in 2012, it’s not OK.”

The reality TV star went on to say, “I’m still in therapy, and I still talk about it, and it still comes up. That is something I will regret for the rest of my life.” During season 4, Marroquin and Lowry were not on great terms as he was often being deployed with the military. One of their fights became physical, and MTV cameras were there to catch it all. The whole argument was caused by wanting to put their large dogs outside due to some friends popping over for a visit with their small child. In a zero to 100 moment, cameras caught Lowry grabbing her then husband’s shirt saying, “I want to f***ing punch you! I f***ing hate you!

Lowry explained to her co-host that what occurred that day really happened, and it was humiliating. She is thankful now that she can explain to her children what happened. The blonde has made an effort to be more aware of what she allows to be filmed because she knows her sons will search for her on the internet when they are older. Recently, the Teen Mom 2 star has been slammed for not being transparent enough with her story, but this traumatic experience may explain why.

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Source: Coffee Convos

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