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Knives Out 2 Set Photo Reveals Another Returning Actor Besides Craig

Noah Segan shares a photo of Rian Johnson from the set of Knives Out 2, possibly confirming his reunion with his longtime collaborator.

Noah Segan shares a photo of Rian Johnson from the set of Knives Out 2, seemingly confirming his reunion with his longtime collaborator. Johnson’s murder mystery franchise first launched in 2019 with the eponymous hit, which grossed over $311 million worldwide and garnered three Golden Globe nominations and one Oscar nod. The next two films are set to focus on Daniel Craig’s eccentric private detective Benoit Blanc as he finds himself wrapped up in new mysteries in a new location and with a whole new cast.

Johnson spent nearly 15 years crafting Knives Out, having first established the concept shortly after making his directorial debut with 2005’s neo-noir mystery thriller Brick. After becoming wrapped up with 2012’s Looper and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the filmmaker could finally sit down and write the script after finishing the press tour for the latter. Knives Out‘s success initially landed a green light for a follow-up from original studio Lionsgate. However, Johnson and his T-Street partner Ram Bergman, who ensured they retained the rights to the property, sold the sequel rights to Netflix instead for a reported $469 million.

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With production currently underway on the project, Segan took to Instagram to share a photo of who appears to be Johnson on the set of Knives Out 2. Though not offering much in the way of story revelations, the 37-year-old actor’s presence on the set seems to point towards his joining the cast of the Netflix sequel, returning after having appeared in the previous film. Check out the post below:

Recent leaked set photos have gone a long way to creating anticipation and spoiling secrets of Johnson’s sequel, namely the previously-unannounced casting of Ethan Hawke. Though Johnson has teased that the sequels will not continue the predecessor’s narrative, it does come as both an interesting development and happy surprise to learn that Segan seems to be returning to the Knives Out fold. Segan, who has appeared in all of Johnson’s films in some capacity, previously teased a possible return for the sequel given his close friendship and working relationship with the filmmaker.

While longtime fans of both may be excited at the ongoing relationship, it does prove curious as to how he will fit into the story of Knives Out 2. Given the Mediterranean setting of the film, there’s a chance Craig’s Blanc has found himself caught up in a case while on vacation, and after the events of the predecessor, he could have invited Segan’s Trooper Wagner along for the ride. With a month left on production and no release window scheduled for the highly-anticipated sequel, only time will tell what fans can expect from Segan’s reunion with Johnson.

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Source: Noah Segan/Instagram

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