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Leah Shares Vulnerable Moment While Speaking with Daughters

Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer decided to share some vulnerable moments while speaking with her three daughters about personal issues she overcame.

Leah Messer decided to share some precious moments while speaking with her three daughters. The Teen Mom 2 star opened up about personal issues and dating. The three tweens all felt their mother should get back out in the dating world and try and find someone nice to be with for a change.

Leah has not had the easiest time when it comes to love and cupid’s arrows. She recently broke up with Jason Jordan. Teen Mom fans first met Leah in season 1 when she was engaged to Corey Simms. The duo has twins together but fell apart after Leah admitted to cheating twice. Leah then found Jeremy Calvert but the marriage also failed. After a trip to rehab, the mother of three seemed to get her life back together and may just be looking for a new soulmate.

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On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah had a frank and touching conversation with her three daughters about her dating life, or lack thereof. The West Virginia native set up a nail salon inside their home so the girls could be pampered while in lockdown. Twins, Ali and Alleah, and eight-year-old Addie loved feeling like princesses for the night. Leah cutely dubbed their hang-out “girl time.” While chit-chatting away, the topic of dating popped up, and Leah was very honest.

The conversation happened right before Leah was set to go to a doctor’s appointment about a possible tumor in her breast. The mother of three always calls herself a girl mom but little Addie stepped in to correct her mother saying, she’s a “woman, not a girl.” Just like any parent, Leah teased her daughter, Alleah, about having a crush and missing them since school had been closed down. Quickly, the tween put her mother under a microscope, asking about her crushes. All the children agreed that their mother needed to head out on a date soon and try to “actually find someone nice.”

The Teen Mom 2 star’s main goal was to be able to bring someone who is a positive role model around her children. Leah made sure to note that she was okay with being alone since she had her daughters, but if she did start dating, she wouldn’t have the mystery man meet her children for a long time.

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