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Libby’s Pose With Her Father Is Labeled Strange By Fans

Libby and Andrei Castravet are called out for many reasons. However, viewers are now coming for Libby’s recent photo that was poorly edited.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? stars Libby and Andrei Castravet are no strangers to having their attitude criticized, but the couple is now being called out for a photo they shared with Libby’s father, Chuck Potthast. The 90 Day Fiancé couple has brought nothing but drama to Happily Ever After season 6, as Andrei continues to clash with Libby’s siblings while seeking a place in Chuck’s family house flipping business. The couple is now being criticized for the way they posed with Chuck, as well as telltale signs of photo editing. 

Andrei’s famously combative personality has repeatedly put him at odds with his in-laws. Now that the Moldovan man has decided to work, Libby’s siblings are upset that he wants in on the family business. Becky, Charlie, and Jenn are suspicious of Andrei’s motives and don’t trust him. With both Andrei and the Potthast siblings having combative personalities, this has led to many arguments. Andrei was last seen feuding with Charlie when he met up with him during the Potthast family reunion. Before that, Andrei was at war with Becky when they were confined to an RV along with Libby, Chuck, Jenn, and company. Judging by previews for upcoming episodes, the drama between Andrei and his in-laws is only set to intensify rather than improve.

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Libby took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself with her husband and father on a boat. The picture was quickly reposted to Reddit with users calling out the way Libby angled her bikini body toward her father, as well as telltale signs of photo editing that warped the appearance of Chuck’s legs. “Throwing your booty back [while] standing next to your Dad, who’s left leg you’ve hilariously photoshopped is a top shelf ‘boss babe’ move, Libby. The epitome of class this one, haha,” the user captained the post. Many were quick to call out the strange photo warping. “Chack skipped the left leg day for about three decades judging from this. LMAO!” one commenter noted. “I swear all of her pics look like she purposely enlarges her head onto her body,” another person observed.

While the signs of photo editing appeared evident, others were not a fan of the way Libby was posing with her father. “WHY IS SHE RUBBING HER BOOTY ON HER DAD,” one alarmed fan asked. Others expressed common criticism that the members of the Potthast family believe they are classier than they come across on TV and social media. “She wants to be a trophy wife but is just a Ribbon,” one fan joked. While the photo left much to be desired for many commenters, others noted how Andrei and Chuck appeared to be getting along great off-camera. Viewers also noted that while the siblings quarrel onscreen, they often appear happy and friendly with each other on social media. This has raised suspicion that all of the Potthast family drama is contrived for ratings. 

Viewers have doubted the authenticity of the Potthast family plot line, especially after Becky alluded to the show being scripted. Libby’s sister asked for people not to judge her for a character she played on TV despite the fact that she appears on a reality show and uses her real name. Many viewers were not sympathetic to Becky’s apparent excuse for her behavior and believe that the cast members should be held accountable for the way they act. Viewers have also called to remove fellow 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? stars including Angela Deem since many are tired of seeing cast members behaving badly. 

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Source: Reddit, Libby Potthast

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