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Loki Episode 5’s Thanos Copter Easter Egg Explained

Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” references the Thanos copter, the comical helicopter that the Mad Titan once used in Marvel Comics.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery”

The Thanos copter makes a surprise appearance in Loki episode 5 – here’s what to know about the Mad Titan’s helicopter. Having been pruned and sent to the end of time, Loki found himself in a void full of variants, items, and buildings that had all once belonged to alternate timelines the TVA had taken care of. Rather than being reset and destroyed, they’ve merely been transferred to the end of time, surviving and becoming part of a broken landscape full of forgotten timelines. As a result, it’s the perfect place for a plethora of Easter eggs, one of which makes fun of Thanos’ most embarrassing moment in the comics.

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In Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery”, Loki wakes up after having been pruned by Ravonna Renslayer, being greeting by three Loki variants who were likewise pruned. Needing to evade the massive temporal monster known as Alioth, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and Classic Loki take the 2012 Loki variant to their hideout: an underground bowling alley they’ve converted into their bunker as they continue to survive the void. However, the remains of familiar vehicle from Marvel Comics can be seen just before they head down.

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While there’s a ton of Easter eggs strewn all over the desolate landscape, just outside of the Loki bunker lies the one and only Thanos-Copter, the ridiculous helicopter flown by the Mad Titan himself in 1979’s Spidey Super Stories #39 created by Nick Sullivan, Michael Siporin, Jim Salicrup, and Win Mortimer. In that issue, Thanos was seeking to obtain a Cosmic Cube, though he was thwarted by the resulting team-up of Hellcat and Spider-Man. However, the issue saw Thanos himself crammed inside a yellow helicopter that also had his name printed on the tail for some inexplicable reason. Hilariously, it appears as though a timeline once existed where Thanos indeed flew a helicopter just like the one he used in the comics.


Clearly, Spidey Super Stories was a different era of Marvel Comics where it was much more permissible and way less eyebrow-raising for the sinister and fearsome Mad Titan himself to be flying in such a comical and dumb mode of transportation. However, there was a 2015 Deadpool comic where Wade Wilson secured a Cosmic Cube for Thanos and was subsequently picked up in the Thanos-Copter, though Deadpool comics are certainly allowed to get away with plenty in that respect. Despite it’s dumb nature and pointlessness for someone as powerful as Thanos, the Thanos-Copter has gained a sort of cult fan following, largely for the aforementioned irony it presents.

All things considered, it’s justifiably hard to see Josh Brolin’s MCU Thanos flying in a Thanos-Copter at all. However, Marvel’s Loki has seemingly just confirmed that there was a timeline where that did indeed happen. That being said, it’s no wonder that that reality was reset by the TVA, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the use of the helicopter itself is what caused that reality’s nexus event. It’s just too ridiculous and dumb, though the idea that it existed in an alternate MCU is hilarious all the same.

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