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Loki Midseason Trailer Reveals Footage From Final Episodes

The next three episodes are full of glorious purpose.


Marvel Studios shared a new mid-season trailer for Loki, which gives a small glimpse at what’s to come in the final three episodes.

We’re halfway through Disney+’s third MCU original series, and Loki is proving to be unlike its predecessors in every way. There are small moments of never-before-seen shots and bits of dialogue we’ve never heard yet in the trailer, but the biggest takeaway is that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) appear to have gotten off Lamentis-1 and are back at the Time Variance Authority. Both variants are being taken into custody by Minutemen, two of which have been assigned to restrain Loki while a large group surrounds Sylvie. This moment gives us one of the best lines in the sneak peek, as Loki says, “By the way, I should have an equal amount of security. This is insulting!”


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Back in all his glory in the mid-season trailer is Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), who was sadly missing from the entire third episode. While we don’t know how Loki and Sylvie were rescued from Lamentis-1, Mobius appears to have been a part of it. The TVA analyst can be seen walking alongside the variants are they are escorted through the halls of the neverending building — likely on their way to judgment. Mobius appears to be rather annoyed with Loki, who he has had somewhat of a soft spot for since the series began. There’s also a glimpse of a young girl wearing an outfit similar to that of Sylvie’s, which many believe is a younger version of the character. This girl appears after a title card reads “Every Loki,” suggesting she really is just another variant, as fans have suspected.

Another new shot shows the USS Eldrige falling from the sky through a portal, which could be the series’ attempt at answering one of America’s biggest mysteries, as they did with D.B. Cooper in Episode 1. The naval ship was allegedly considered to be invisible during the Philadelphia Experiment back in 1943, but for decades many have called it a hoax. It looks like Loki or the TVA could have been the reason behind this odd moment in history as well.

While the Loki trailer is full of mostly old footage, fans should remember this is to protect spoilers from the upcoming three episodes. We got just enough fresh content from the sneak peek, which will keep us going for the next few weeks.

Loki airs every Wednesday on Disney+. Check out the mid-season sneak peek trailer below.

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