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Loki’s Richard E. Grant Shows Off Classic Loki Costume In Set Photo

Richard E. Grant shows off the “Classic Loki” costume in a behind-the-scenes photo from Loki’s fifth episode, “Journey Into Mystery.”

WARNING: Spoilers for Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery”

Lokis Richard E. Grant shows off the “Classic Loki” costume in a behind-the-scenes photo from episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery.” Episode 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest Disney+ series offered up a post-credits scene introducing several new Loki variants including Grant’s Classic Loki, whose costume pays homage to that of the original God of Mischief created by Marvel Comics’ Jack Kirby. Following the pruning of Tom Hiddleston’s central Loki, the series’ penultimate episode shows off “The Void” and even more variants of the God of Mischief. Still, Classic Loki has proven the most notable.

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Ever since word got out that Grant would be in Loki, vieweers have been waiting to find out who the legendary actor would be playing. Given his resemblance to Hiddleston, people naturally assumed his character would be an older version of Loki. Episode 5 indeed reveals this to be the case. However, he’s not King Loki or another version from the comics. Instead, Grant’s character is merely, poetically a Loki who survived the events of Avengers: Infinity War by tricking Thanos into “killing” an illusion and then living his life in solitude until the Time Variance Authority (TVA) caught up with him. After the fifth episode dropped, fans took to social media praising Grant’s performance.

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In honor of his MCU debut, Grant posted a set photo showing off Classic Loki’s costume. Next to a still from the show, Grant shared a picture of him in his jester-esque green and yellow costume in front of a chair that reads “Classic Loki.” Check out the photo below:

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Alligator Loki aside, Classic Loki’s stole the show in episode 5. The reason Grant’s Loki was able to avoid the TVA for so long—emphasis on the long considering his heritage and the time required to noticeably age—is because he had virtually no impact on events taking place in the Sacred Timeline. In short, Loki is meant to be alone. When Classic Loki got lonely and decided to finally seek out his brother, Thor, the TVA arrested and pruned him. In “Journey Into Mystery,” Classic Loki rejects his role as a “God of Outcasts” and finds his glorious purpose by conjuring Asgard to distract Alioth long enough for Loki and Sylvie to enchant it.

Grant’s character inspires his fellow variants into realizing their true potential, giving them a chance to find out who created the TVA. On top of that, Classic Loki’s impressive display of power is far from what’s exhibited by Kirby’s ineffectual jester—yet another way in which the show subverts expectations. In what is perfect casting, Grant brings an essential amount of gravitas and charm to his performance while dressed like a fool. While it would appear Classic Loki is truly gone after being devoured by Alioth, there’s always a chance audiences could see Grant play another variant in the future. Being that Loki is about confronting oneself, the true villain behind the TVA likely isn’t Kang the Conqueror or Miss Minutes but could rather be Loki himself.

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Source: Richard E. Grant/Twitter

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